How To Do An Oil Change On A DRZ400 SM.

Below is a video on how to do an oil change on a DRZ400 SM.

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Today we will be showing you how to change the oil and replace the oil filter on a DRZ400 SM. Let’s first start by starting the bike and letting it run for a bit as you want to change the oil when it’s warm.

Now that the bike is warmed up we can continue. We can take the 10mm socket and the ratchet and remove the four 10mm bolts that hold the skid plate on. With the skid plate removed you can place the drain oil pan or bucket under the main oil drain. If you would like you can put on disposable rubber gloves. When the drain pan is in position we can now take the 12mm socket and the ratchet and remove the main oil drain plug. With the bolt removed you will want to take a rag and clean it off. You will also want to check and see if the crush washer (Part # 1025761) needs replacing. Once it has finished draining you can take that rag and clean off the mating surface and reinstall the main oil drain plug and then snug it down with the 12mm and ratchet.

Next we will move onto draining the crankcase. Move the oil drain pan under the crankcase drain plug. Next take the 14mm socket and the ratchet and remove the drain plug . When you remove this drain plug you will notice that it has a magnet on it to catch metal shavings. You will want to wipe it clean before reinstalling it. You will notice that this drain plug also has a crush washer (Part # 1025745) and it may also need replacing. Once the oil is done draining take a rag and wipe down the mating surface and then reinstall the crankcase drain plug and snug it down with the 14mm and the ratchet.

Next we can move the oil drain pan under the oil filter housing. Next take the 10mm socket and ratchet and loosen the three 10mm nuts that hold the cover in place. With them loose you can tip the bike towards the side with the oil filter and loosen the lower nut so that the oil won’t run down the side of the engine. With most of the oil drained from the filter housing you can remove the top two nuts and then the cover. Watch for the larger o-ring that seals the cover to ensure it’s on the cover or on the case as you don’t want it to drop into your drain pan. Next remove the old oil filter. Watch for the smaller o-ring as it might stay on the nipple that the oil filter goes on or it might stay on the oil filter itself. You may want to consider replacing the smaller and larger o-rings to ensure you don’t have any leaks.

For the reinstall first place the small o-ring on the nipple inside the oil filter housing. Next install the new oil filter open end onto the nipple inside the oil filter housing. Next make sure the o-ring is in the correct position inside the cover and then reinstall it with the arrow pointing up. Next reinstall the three 10mm nuts to hold the cover in place and snug them down with the 10mm and the ratchet.

Next we can remove the oil fill or dipstick and place your small funnel into the fill. Grab your oil

Once we have the oil filled to the acceptable level we can now check the main oil drain and the crankcase drain plug for any leaks. If there are no leaks we can now reinstall the skid plate using the four 10mm bolts and the snug them up with the 10mm socket and ratchet.

With the skid plate bolts in and tightened down that’s it you have just completed an oil change on your Suzuki DRZ 400 SM.









Hey you say the crankcase drain plug takes a 14mm socket, but the crush washer part you link to on Amazon is 10mm. Is this the correct link?

Hello, Its a 12 mm for the case drain bolt, 10 mm for the frame drain bolt. The part numbers are 09168-10002 crush washer for the frame oil drain and 09168-12002 crush washer for the crankcase oil drain.

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