How To Service A Generac XG Series Generator

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Today we will showing you how to service a generac XG series generator. We are going to be showing you on this XG 7000E. The XG series uses a pressurized oil system and a spin on automotive type oil filter to filter the oil.

We are going to be showing you how to change the oil, oil filter, inline fuel filter, air filter and the spark plug. Some things we are going to need are the correct oil for your climate. We are using SAE 30. We have our spin on oil filter, drain bucket, and a rag. Replacement inline fuel filter, pair of channel lock pliers and or needle nose pliers. Our replacement air filter and a flat screwdriver or 5/16 nut driver. Replacement spark plug and a larger flat screwdriver, swivel head ⅜ ratchet and a 6” extension, ⅝ spark plug socket and a 5mm allen wrench or socket.

So you will want to change the oil when the engine when its warm/ hot as any debris in the sump/ engine will be more likely to be suspended in the oil and taken out of the engine and when the oil is warm it tends to flow out fast and better. So we ran the generator for a bit to warm it up. We shut the gas valve off and let the generator run out of gas as we will be replacing the inline fuel filter.

The first step is to grab our drain bucket and place it under our drain tube. Once in place we can unscrew the drain plug cap. Once removed the oil should start coming out. It helps to tip the hose down to help it drain faster and also might be a good idea to crack the oil fill.

Once all the oil has drained we can wipe the drain plug cap threads and the end of the drain tube and then reinstall the plug/ cap on to the end of the drain tube. Once we have the cap on we can slide the drain bucket underneath the oil filter. Now you will notice the oil filter is right over the frame of the generator so it helps to take a 6” by 6” piece of cardboard and make a funnel or troth to move the oil right into our drain bucket. We’ll just tuck the cardboard right under the oil filter and up against the frame and the engine.

With the cardboard in place we can use our hand and loosen the oil filter and then remove the filter. We’ll let the oil filter location drain for a bit. Once that has stopped dripping we can grab a rag and wipe down the mating surface where the oil filter will seal. Next we can remove the cardboard and our drain bucket. Be sure to recycle the used engine oil. Once we have cleaned off the matching surface we can grab our new filter which is Part # 070185D. Well remove the cover and well add some oil to the filter so we do not have a dry start. We have added a few oz of oil well take our finger and put a thin film of oil on the o-ring/ seal of the oil filter like you would with an automotive oil filter. Once we have some oil in the filter and a thin film of oil on the seal we can thread it onto the threads of our oil filter location. Well run it tight till the seal hits the flat mating surface of the engine and well give it ¾ to one turn more to tighten it.

Next well go to the other side of the generator where the oil fill is located right next to the tire where the small orange cap is. Make sure that area is clean as you don’t want sand and other stuff entering the engine. Well remove the cap and insert our funnel. Right on the cap give you the fill point. It says “ Fill To The Bottom Of The Threads”. So well grab our SAE 30 oil and fill it to the bottom of the threads. It should be close to 1.2Qts without a filter change and 1.5 Qts with replacing the filter. Once we have the proper amount of oil in the generator we can go to the side with the pull cord.

To the left of the pull cord is the cover for the air filter. Next we can grab the flat screw driver or a 5/16 nut driver and we can remove the to screws/ bolts that hold the cover in position. Sometimes the filter with stay attached to the cover. Once we have the old filter removed we can grab a rag and clean the filter housing and filter door. Once we have them cleaned out we can grab our new filter part # 73111 we set it within the filter door and push it into the tabs. Next we’ll take the filter door and filter and slide it into the filter housing and start the two 5/16 bolts. Once we have the filter door bolts started we can grab the flat screwdriver or 5/16 nut driver and snug them up to seal the air filter door.

With the air filter replaced well next move onto replacing the inline fuel filter. You will notice it is right above the pull cord. So well grab a rag or shop towel and place it under the inline fuel filter as there will be some gas still in the filter. Once we have the rag in position we can grab the needle nose pliers or channel lock pliers and squeeze and move the clamps off the inline filter on both sides. Once the clamps are moved we can hold the fuel line and twist the inline fuel filter free.  Once we get the old fuel filter removed we can grab our new finline fuel filter I like to use a flat pancake style filter like the one that comes with the generator set the difference being that it is clean so we can quickly see how dirty the filter is. They were out of them so we ended up using a Prime Line 7-023006D fuel filter.

Well unpackage our new fuel filter. Look on the filter as they are directional and need to be installed correctly. Ours will be going right to left and the right side hoes comes from the shut off and the left side goes to the carb. So the arrow should point to the left facing the generator. Well slide both fuel lines onto the new fuel filter and then grab the needle nose pliers or channel locks and squeeze and slide the clamps back into position to hold and seal the fuel lines. Once we have both clamps in position we can turn the gas on and let the filter fill up and check it for leaks.

With the fuel filter replaced we will move onto replacing the spark plug. We need to move to the same side as the oil filter. We will need the ⅜ swivel ratchet and the 5mm allen socket and remove the four 5mm bolts that hold the side cover to the generator frame. Once we have those removed we can remove the cover be careful as there are also four spacers that sit behind the cover which may pop out. Once we have the cover removed we can locate the plug wire. We can remove it using the flat screw driver just under the socket on the plug or by hand. Once we have the plug wire removed we can grab the ⅜ ratchet, 6” extension and the ⅝ spark plug socket and remove the old plug. Once we have the old plug removed we can grab the new plug Champion part # RC14YC  and properly gap the plug to 0.030 in. With a spark plug gap tool. With the plug properly gaped we can start it by hand back into the spark plug hole within the cylinder head. Once started by hand we can grab the 3/8 ,6” extension, ⅝ spark plug socket and snug it up crushing the new crush washer on the plug. Once we have the new plug in and tight we can grab and push the spark plug wire onto the new plug.

With the spark plug wire on the new plug we can make sure our spacers are in position and grab and reinstall the side panel of the generator. Once in position we can grab the four 5mm bolts and start them by hand. Once there all start by hand and the cover is where it needs to be we can grab the ⅜ ratchet and the 5mm allen socket and snug them down to hold the cover in position.

With our cover reinstalled we can now turn the generator back around to the control panel to the hour meter. What we need to do is reset our oil, air filter, spark plug life. To do this we well tap the hour meter button until it says oil then hold the button for 10 seconds or until all the 00000 pop up. Next well select air filter service and hold for another 10 seconds or until the 000 pop up and well select and reset the change plug as well.

With the oil, air filter, spark plug service life reset the last few things we need to do is get the generator on a level surface and start it and let the oil fill the filter and circulate a bit. Then we’ll shut it off and let it sit for a bit and then recheck our oil lever to ensure its to the bottom of the threads within the oil fill tube. Well also check the oil filter and drain tube for oil leaks. We will also check the fuel filter for gas leaks.

So that’s it we have just shown you how to service a portable Generac XG series generator.


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