How To Repair A Leaky Roof Vent Or Vent Stack Pipe.

Below is a video on how to repair a leaky roof vent or vent stack pipe.

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Today we will be showing you how to repair a leaky roof vent or vent stack pipe.

Grab a ladder and place on a level surface so you can safely climb onto the roof. Once on the roof locate your roof vent or vent stack pipe that is in need of repair. There are different size vent pipes most common is 3”.  The most common cause for a vent stack to leak is the sun damaged rubber grommet.

Well first start the repair by taking a utility knife and cut back the sun damaged rubber so the new boot can seal to the pipe. Next take a metal putty knife and carefully/ slowly work it under the row of shingles above the vent pipe to release the tar so we can lift the shingle. be careful not to poke though the shingle.

The larger tapered silver part on the roof vent is the bottom or on the lower side of the roof. The smaller tapered silver part is the top and should be closer to the roof peak. Next carefully lift the shingles above the vent and then slip the top part of the vent stack under them. Next slide the rubber part onto the pipe and then slide the new vent stack all the way down onto the roof.

Once the the new vent stack is down onto the roof you might need trim the shingles on the upper side if they land on the tapered part of the vent stack. That way it will lay flat on top of the flashing. You can use a utility knife or a pair of snips to do this. Next take a few roofing nails and hammer one in on each side of the new vent to secure it in place. With it secured into place we can grab a caulk gun and some clear sidewinder exterior caulk or some roofing tar. You will want to use it to reseal the singles back to each other and to the new vent flashing. You will also want to seal the nail heads with it.

With the nails sealed that’s it you have replaced or fixed a leaky roof vent or vent stack pipe.


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It is so simple and welled explained even I believe I can do it. Thanks so You are a best in making things clear and simple.

60 year old nurse with extremely limited repair experience,

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