How To Change The Oil On A Toyota Sienna

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Today we will be showing you how to change the oil on a 2007 and Up Toyota Sienna. The reason this is for the 2007 and newer is because that year they moved onto a canister style filter. What that means is the filter housing is part of the car. So you end up only replacing the filter element.

So the first thing you will need to do is figure out how you want to perform your own oil change. You could use a jack and jack stands to raise the vehicle up to gain access to the oil canister and drain plug or if you plan on changing your own oil on most of your car you could invest in a set of car ramps just make sure they can support whatever vehicle your going to be changing the oil on. For us today we are going to be using a car lift as it is easier to film with the car higher in the air. 

The first thing we need to do it start the car and get it to operating temperature. What this is going to do is get any kind of contaminates back into the oil so when we do drain it its pulls them out as well. Now that we have the engine up to operating temperature we can pop the hood. You will want to check the engine cap to ensure you have the correct oil as it is printed or stamped into the engine oil fill cap. Next you will want to check your engine code as there are two different one a 1AR which is the 4 cylinder and a 2GR which is the 6 cylinder and they take different amounts of oil. 1AR takes 4.6qts with filter change and the 2GR takes 6.4qts with filter change.

Once we have the engine warm and the right kind of oil and amount we can remove the oil fill cap and pull the dipstick out some. What this is going to do is allow air to get down to the oil pan and let the engine oil drain faster. 

Next we can place our oil drain bucket in position under the oil drain plug and then get a 14 mm wrench or a 14 mm socket and ratchet. Well use the 14 mm wrench to loosen and remove the drain plug. Once the oil is done draining we can wipe clean the drain plug mating surface and install our new drain plug crush washer. Now we didn’t need to remove it from our drain plug as it was stuck to the bottom of the oil pan. So well grab a flat screwdriver or pick and remove it. Once we remove the old crush washer we can grab a rag and wipe down the oil pan. 

Once we have it wiped down and the oil is done draining we can now reinstall the drain plug. Well start it by hand and tighten it as much as we can. Once hand tight we can grab the 14 mm wrench and go a little bit more then hand tight or use a torque wrench and torque it to 30 lbs. 

With our drain plug torqued down we can move onto replacing the oil filter. So we moved our drain bucket under the oil filter. The correct way to do it is to grab a ⅜ ratchet and maybe an extension if you need to and remove the small cap at the bottom of the oil canister. There will be some oil that comes out but not much. 

Once we have that plugged removed we can open the new oil filter and grab the small plastic piece. Next well take that plastic piece and insert it into the bottom of the oil canister opening the valve and letting the canister drain. 

Once the oil canister is drained we can grab our oil filter wrench and a ⅜ ratchet and remove the entire assembly. Once we have the canister removed well bring it to a clean flat surface. Next we can grab the bag of o-rings out of our new oil filter box. The oil filter part # is a 04152-YZZA1. We’ll take a small flat screwdriver or pick and remove the larger o-ring from the canister housing. Once we have the old one removed we can grab the new o-ring and lightly coat it with oil and reinstall it onto the canister. Once we have the larger o-ring replaced we can flip the canister over and place the smaller o-ring into the groove where we removed the plug from can coat that one with some oil as well. Once we have that smaller o-ring in place we can now reinstall the plug by hand.

Now with the plug reinstalled we can flip it back over and grab the filter element and slide it into the canister. Once we have the filter element in the canister its ready to reinstall on the car. So well start reinstalling it by hand. Once tight we can grab the ⅜ ratchet and tighten the bottom plug first. Once we have the plug tightened we can grab the oil filter wrench and the ⅜ ratchet and tighten the canister itself. The canister itself should be torqued down to 25 lbs. Now that we have the plug and the canister torqued down we can now let the car down and start filling the engine with oil.

Since this is the 2GR-FE we are going to put in 6.4 qts of oil. They do make these handy funnels that make filling cars with oil much easier. Here is a link to one that will fit a Toyota – Toyota Funnel. Once we have the close to the correct amount of oil in the car we can go ahead and start the car. Well let it run for 5 minutes and then shut the engine off. Well let it sit for 3 minutes or so to let the oil get back to the oil pan so we get an accurate oil level when we check it. So well pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean with a clean rag. Once cleaned we can reinsert it into the dipstick tube and then pull it out and check the oil level. As you can see we have the correct oil as it is filled to the top dot on the dipstick. 

So now that we have the correct amount of oil in the engine you will want to peek under the car around the oil drain plug and the canister filter to ensure we have no leaks. Once we have determined we have no leaks you may just want to give everything under the hood a once over. Check the battery terminals for corrosion and clean them if you need to and check the rest of the fluids. Brake, Coolant and the washer fluid while you under the hood. You may want to blow off or replace your air filter as well.

The last thing we’ll need to do is reset the engine oil life and get the maintenance required light to go out. We filmed this and put it in another video just so someone looking for how to reset it doesn’t need to watch the whole oil change video.

Here is the link to resetting the oil life and getting the maintenance light to go out.

So that’s it we have just shown you how to change the oil on a Toyota Sienna


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