How To Fix A Dripping Faucet.. Delta 2100 & 2400 Series

Below is a video on how to fix a dripping faucet

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Today we will be showing you how to fix a dripping faucet it’s a delta 2400 series. We will be showing you the steps to replace the cups and spring and the stems if they are bad. That will stop it from dripping this will work on most of the newer delta kitchen and bathroom faucets.

First we will shut the valves off that supply water to the faucet. Next turn the cold and the hot to the on position on the faucet just to make sure the valves are truly off.

Next take a utility knife and use it to remove the hot and cold caps that cover the screw. Next grab a screw driver and remove the screws hot and cold. With the screws removed you can now remove the handles hot and cold. With the handles removed you grab a small pair of channellock pliers and remove the retainer nut from the hot and cold side. Note* Which way the handle stop/ the thicker white part of the stem is facing as you need to reinstall it that same way as you take it out and the hot and cold should both be facing the same way. With the retainer nuts removed take the channel lock pliers and grasp the hot stem and give it a wiggle side to side as you pull straight up and it should pop out. Do the same thing with the cold stem.

With both stems removed grab a flat screw driver and slide it though the hot side cup and into the spring and remove it all as one assembly note which way there facing. Do the same for the cold side. Next place the new cup onto the screw driver then the spring facing the same way as the old ones. Hold it with your finger and then slide it back into the hot side hole were we removed the old one from it should slide in and make a pop sounds once it’s pushed all the way in and be close to flush with the bottom of the faucet. Do the same with the cold side. Just wanted to mention that if you had water leaking out from under the handle you will want to replace the stem with a new one as there are two o-rings on the stem. With the cups and springs installed on the hot and cold side we can now grab the stem and a piece of plumber’s mesh. Take the plumbers mesh and clean the bottom of the stem to take off and build up. Do the same to both stems. Once the stems are cleaned you can reinstall them. Make sure you install them the way you took them out.

Once you have the stems reinstalled you can now reinstall the retainer nuts hot and cold. Make sure to align them onto the threads as they are fine threads. Next grab the channel locks and snug the nut down be careful not to over tighten it. With the retainer nut tightened down hot and cold we can now slide the handle onto the stem and then use the screw driver and tighten the screw to hold the handle in place. With the screws for the handles tightened down you can reinstall the caps onto the hot and cold handles over the screws. With the caps reinstalled we can now turn on the valves that supply water to the faucet. Once you have turned the hot and cold valves back on we can turn the hot and cold handles on the faucet to the on position. You might notice some discoloration in the water it’s because you shut the valve off it should clear up quickly. Now we can turn the faucet off and check for any drips.

That’s it we just showed you how fix a dripping delta faucet by replacing the cups and springs . in



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