How To Clean A Sony PS3 Slim And Install A Rear Mount Intercooler.

Below is a video on how to clean a sony playstation 3 slim and install a Nyko Intercooler.

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Here we have a Sony PlayStation 3 Slim. The same can be done on a fat ps3 you will need to buy the intercooler made for the Fat PS3. Today we will be cleaning the internal dust out of the playstation and installing a nyko intercooler.

First let’s start by unplugging the PS3 and putting on the work table/ bench.

Next well use an air compressor or the air in the can and blow the dust out though the vents. The dust acts as an insulator and will trap heat inside the housing and which in turn will reduce its life.

Some key features of the Nyko Intercooler are:

You can still use the PS3 either horizontal or vertical

It has 3 fans instead of 2 to move more air evenly though the PS3

It also has a switch to control fan speed (low/ high)

There are no tools required to install this intercooler

Another nice feature is that it has what they call a power pass though. What this means is it plugs into your PS3 and your factory cord plugs into the intercooler to give it power. So this means there is no additional power cords needed and when you turn the PS3 on or off the intercooler does the same.

To install the intercooler first lets line up the power sides of the intercooler and the PS3. Then slide them together. Be sure to press them together firmly.

Next well push the other side together. You should hear a noticeable click.

Next Plug the power cord in and reconnect your other cords and that’s it your done installing the intercooler onto your PS3 slim.

When need to remove it, there is a small release button on the opposite side from where the power cord is. Press that and slide the PlayStation 3 Slim away from the Nyko Intercooler. Next wiggle the power cord side apart from the PS3. Now you have removed the intercooler and you can repeat these steps to keep your PS3 clean and running smoothly.





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