Room fan removal, cleaning, lubricating and reinstall on a pellet stove fireplace insert. This should be part of your annual spring cleaning of the stove.

Below is a video of the room fan removal, cleaning, lubricating and reinstall.

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Here we have a pellet stove. This one is a fireplace insert. Well be showing you How to remove, clean, lubricate and reinstall the room fan

First thing to do is make sure your stove is unplugged.

Next you will need to unplug the two power wires going to the room fan motor. Take note of where you remove them from. You can use colored electrical tape.

Next remove the small quarter inch screw/bolt in the top right of the mounting flange.

Then loosen the twist lock on the left side of the flange when is loosened you can swing it out of the way.

Now you can remove the fan. You do this by sliding it out toward the twist lock. Be careful not to rip the gasket. If the gasket is ripped or looks like it doesn’t seal you should replace it.

Once you have the fan assembly out. You can now take a T20 trox bit and a ¼ ratchet and a small extension and remove the fan blade from the motor shaft.

Do this by aligning the set screw up with the exhaust of the fan then put the trox bit in the set screw then you can slide the ratchet though the fan blade and into the trox bit to loosen the set screw.

Cleaning the fan blade you can use compressed air or the air in a can to blow off the dust. Next you can use a degreaser like power purple. Spray it on let it soak in to loosen the stuck on grim. Then rinse it off with hot water. If you have some real sticky grim that just won’t come off you can use a wire brush to get it loose.

Cleaning the fan housing you can use compressed air or the air in a can to blow out most of the dust. Next you can use that same degreaser. Spray it on to a rag and wipe out the grim. You don’t want to spray into the housing as it will get into the motor. Once you’re done cleaning inside you will need to do the outside, do it the same way by putting the degreaser on the rag and wiping it off.

Next a handy little tip is to spray down the fan blade and the inside of the housing with some Dry Graphite Lube. I have found that the graphite seems to help fill the voids where the rust has pitted it and makes for a smoother surface and will slow/stop dust Adhesion.

Next you can use 3-IN-ONE oil to lubricate the shaft of the motor. There a two holes to lubricate the motor. Make it so those holes are facing up. Now you can dribble some oil into those holes be sure to turn the shaft as this will ensure you lubricate the entire shaft evenly.

With the fan blade and fan housing cleaned up and coated with the graphite it’s time to reassemble them. Let’s start by turning the motor shaft so the flat part of the shaft points to the exit of the fan. Next take the fan blade and make it so the set screw points the same way and slide it onto the motor shaft. Try and center the blade in the housing so it doesn’t rub on either side. Then take the T20 torx bit and ¼ ratchets and tighten the set screw down. Once it’s tight give it a spin to ensure it doesn’t rub on the housing if it does readjust it so it doesn’t then tighten the screw again.

Now while the room fan removed you might want to take a refrigerator coil or dryer vent brush and brush out the stove side. Start by taking the brush and put it though the front grate and then down into the heat exchange tubes. Then you can brush out where the room fan mounts. When you are done brushing it loose you can use a small compact 1 gallon shop-vac to clean out the bottom.

Now with the fan motor cleaned, lubed and the stove side clean it’s time to reinstall the fan motor assembly.
Slide it back into position taking your time as to make sure you don’t pinch any wires. Also make sure the rubber sits on the metal mount. Slide the flange back into the groove. Now you can swing the twist lock back into place and tighten it. Reinstall the ¼ screw/ bolt in the top right corner of the flange. Lastly connect the two motor wires where they were removed from. That’s it, you have cleaned and lubricated the room fan motor and it is ready to go for another heating season.




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