St. Croix Pellet Stove Fire Place Insert Auger Assembly Removal and Cleaning

Below is a video of the auger assembly removal, cleaning, lubricating and reinstall.

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Today well be showing you How to remove and clean the auger motor part # 80P20278-R and assembly out of a St. Croix fireplace insert first make sure your stove is unplugged.

Tools needed to do this are a 12mm wrench and a 4mm Allen wrench or socket and ratchet

Next you will need to unplug the two power wires going to auger motor. Take note of where you remove them from.

Next grab your 12mm wrench and use it to loosen the 4 nuts that hold the auger motor bracket to the pellet stove

With those 4 nuts off you can slide the auger motor and auger shaft down and out of the stove. Be careful to note which way the bracket goes that holds the motor also try not to rip or damage the gasket.

Next let’s separate the auger shaft from the motor. Take your 4mm Allen wrench or socket and ratchet and loosen the set screw on the collar that holds the motor to the auger shaft. With it loosened you should be able to separate them. It’s a good idea to take a picture or keep them in order and facing the way you took them apart.

With them separated you can now clean the motor, shaft, bracket, and bearings off with a degreaser and a rag. Once they are dry you can take a scotch brite pad and scrub it down taking off the surface rust and be sure to clean the end where the bearings go.

With the shaft, bearings and bracket clean you can reapply lubricant to them. CRC Dry Moly Lubricant or the CRC Dry Graphite Lube seems to be the best, because of its heat resistance and it seems to last longer than other types of lubricant.

With the motor clean and dry we can use 3-IN-ONE Oil to lubricate the motor and also lubricate the gear box shaft.

Next we will move onto the stove side. First look up into the shaft housing and make sure there are no pellets stuck in there. If there is you can use a long handle screw driver to dislodge them. Next grab the scotch brite pad and clean off surface rust inside the shaft housing to make a smooth surface for the pellets to slide on. Next take compressed air or air in the can and blow out the dust. Now with that done take your CRC dry graphite lube and spray it up into the shaft housing to reach the top auger shaft bearing.

Next you can clean the stove frame. First use a Shop-Vac to vacuum up the loose pellets. Next take a degreaser and a rag and wipe out the stuck on grim.

Now with everything cleaned and lubed you can start your reassembly.

Start by putting the silver smaller washer on then put the bearing back on to the shaft with the shoulder toward the spiral of the shaft. Next put the bracket back on making sure the rubber on the bracket is facing towards the motor. Next slide the silver slip collar with the set screw on. Making sure the hole lines up with the set screw. Next slide the motor shaft into the auger shaft making sure the flat edge is facing the set screw. Next use your 4mm Allen wrench or Allen socket to snug it down to connect them.

With everything reassembled your done you are now ready to slide the assembly back into the stove. Before you do I would recommend you clean and lubricate the versa grate motor if your stove is equipped with one. I would do this because it is much easier to access it with the auger motor assembly out of the way.

Now let’s reinstall the auger assembly into the stove. First make sure your gasket is in position. Next you can slide the assembly back into the stove. Take your time be sure not to force it. Next you can put the top two 12mm nuts on a few turns. Next well install the bracket that holds the top of the motor make sure to put the bracket the same way you removed it with the open end towards the stove. With the bracket in place next put the lower two 12mm nuts on. Next take your 12mm wrench and tighten all four nuts up. Next reconnect the 2 leads from which they were removed. That’s it you your done. You have cleaned and lubricated your auger motor and shaft for another quite season of operation.




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