How To Replace A Cabin Air Filter On A Subaru Forester

Below is a video on how to replace a cabin air filter on a Subaru Forester.

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Today we will be showing you how to install a cabin air filter on your Subaru Forester. We are replacing it on a 2007 Subaru Forester. 2004 models and up have a cabin air filter and certain 03 models have it.

The cabin air filter is located on the passenger side behind the glove box. So to start well open the passenger door and knell on the floor. It might be a good idea to use a foam pad. Next pull the release for the passenger seat and slide it all the way back.

Once we have the seat pushed back we can open the glove box and remove all the contents. Once we have all the contents removed we can close it and go under it. You will need a number two phillips screw driver to remove the two outer screws in the bottom of the glove box. Leave the two screws in the middle.

Now that we have the two screws removed from the bottom we can open the glove box and remove the five screws around the perimeter of the inside of the glove box. There are two on the left and right and one in the middle by the catch. When you have those five screws removed the box can be removed.

To remove the glove box wiggle it a little bit and the left side of the box should drop down a bit. Now for the right side we will need to pull the edge back towards the rear of the car to undo the two push clips. Once those push clips are undone we can lower the right side and then slide the glove box towards the passenger side of the car to remove it.

Now that we have the glove box removed we can locate the cabin air filter door. To remove the door undo the two clips then pull downward and towards the center of the car. Now that we have the air filter door removed we can grab the filter and pull downward slightly and wiggle it a bit to slide the filter out of the housing.

Once we have the filter out you may want to clean out the filter housing by using a Shop-Vac . Once you have the filter housing clean we can un package our new cabin air filter. It’s up to you weather you replace it will a regular filter or a premium filter. There is an arrow on the filter and it should face the way of flow towards the blower. Slide the new filter into the filter housing making sure it’s within the tracks.

Now that the new filter is in we can reinstall the air filter door. To do this put the right side tab in first and then do the left side tab and then align the bottom clips and snap them closed. It might be a good idea to turn the key to the ON position and turn the blower on to ensure the door is sealed properly.

Next we can reinstall the glove box to do so we need to put the left side in behind the dash and then align the two push pins on the right with the holes in the dash and push them in. Once we have the push pins in you can open the glove box and reinstall the five screws two on the left and two on the right and the one by the catch and tighten with a Philips screw driver.

Once we have those five screws in you can close the glove box and go under it and reinstall the two and tighten them. With all seven screws in you can return the contents to your glove box and readjust the passenger seat. That’s it we just showed you how to replace a cabin air filter on your Subaru Forester.


* Note: ’03 – ’05 has “9” screws which have to be removed so the the glove compartment
can be removed to access the cabin filter. ’06 – ’08 has “7” screws. Keep in mind it’s
easy to remove the wrong screws from the bottom. The screws you want to remove are on
either side, not directly under the glove compartment door!







Change it yourself if you can, BEFORE you let the dealer check your filters. I paid a high price for one.

I have a 1994 Impreza, I need to change the cabin and air conditioning filters but I can’t locate them. If you guys can, would you please upload a video detailing the removal of the glovebox (I can find only two screws which are located under the glovebox behind where it attaches in order for it to swing down once it’s been opened) plus the location of the filters, how to remove them, then replace them please.
Could you also recommend the correct replacement filters and the SCU numbers please, iam in Australia so they may be different but hopefully there the same.

Hello, Subaru at least over here in the U.S.A didn’t start using cabin air filters until 2003 so some models had it and some didn’t in 2003. Most of the models had in 2004. So if you have a 1994 you will not have a cabin air filter.

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