How To Replace A Subaru Legacy Fuel Pump Assembly

Below is a video on how to replace a Subaru Legacy fuel pump assembly.

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Today we will be showing you how to replace a Subaru Legacy fuel pump assembly. We are replacing this one as its causes the car to start hard, have a ruff idle and loss of power when climbing a hill.

If you have a sedan you will need a 3/8 ratchet and a 12mm socket to remove the two front seat bolts in order to remove the seat. Since we are working on a wagon we will just pull the cord and flip up the rear seat.

Now that we have the seat removed or flipped up out of the way we can remove the push pin in the plastic for the door sill plate. Once we have the push pin removed we can lift up on the plastic door sill plate to remove it.

Once we have the plastic door sill plate removed we can remove the push pin in the carpet near the center of the back seat. Once that push pin is removed we can lift the carpet and roll back the rubber mat to reveal the fuel pump cover.

Once we have the rubber mat rolled back we can grab a phillips screw driver and remove the four screws that hold the cover in position. Once we remove the screws we can remove the metal cover you may need a flat screw driver to help pry it up.  Once we have the cover removed you will see there are four connections. Three hoses and one wire plug.

Next we will use a pair of long nose pliers to squeeze the hose camp and slide it up the smaller hose. Then remove the hose off the nipple. Next we will take the pliers and squeeze the white part together on the other hoses while pulling the hose off. Repeat on the other hoses. Now that we have all the hoses removed we can use a flat screw driver to depress the clip and undo the plug for the wiring. Once we have all the hoses and wiring removed we will need to tuck them out of the way so we will be able to slide the pump up and out.

Once we have the hoses and wiring out of the way you will need a 1/4-Inch drive ratchet, 4” extension and an 8mm socket to remove the ten bolts that hold the pump in position. Once we have removed all ten 8mm bolts we can slowly and carefully remove the fuel pump assembly from the gas tank. Be careful not to force it as you may bend the float arm or crack the float.

Once you have it out you can inspect it for damage or broken parts. The most common problem is that the brass colored cap splits where it’s crimped on and becomes loose as the o-ring expands. That’s what happened with this one so unfortunately they do not sell just the o-ring and a new cap so we will need to replace the entire fuel pump assembly. If your brass colored cap looks to be in good shape you could try and just replace the fuel pump.

So we will unpack the new fuel pump assembly and most likely you will need to reuse the black metal bracket. So once we have the bracket on the new fuel pump assembly we can slowly and carefully set it down into the tank with the filter towards the back of the car and the float towards the center of the car.

Once in we can align the bolt holes and start the ten 8mm bolts by hand. Once we have them all started we can use the ¼ ratchet and an 8mm socket to tighten them all down. Don’t worry about over tightening them as they have a shoulder so you can’t over tighten them.

Now that we have all the bolts tightened down we can reconnect the three hoses and the wiring plug. The small hose just slide onto the nipple and use the long nose pliers to slide the hose clamp back down onto the nipple to hold the hose. The other two hoses you will need to align the white part up with the hose and click them back together. The wiring we will just plug it back in and tuck the wire under the hoses like it was.

Now that we have all three hoses hooked back up and the hose clamp back in position and the wiring reconnected we can new reinstall the metal cover and align it with the four holes and then start the four screws that hold it in position. Once they are all started we can use a Phillips screw driver to tighten them down.

Once we have the four screws tightened down we can now put the rubber mat back in to position. Then flip the carpet back down and reinstall the push pin to hold it in position. With the push pin reinstalled we can now reinstall the plastic door sill plate. First well clip in the push pin and then align the three pins along the door sill and then push down clipping them in.

Once we have the plastic door sill plate reinstalled if you have a sedan we can now reinstall the rear seat and the two 12mm bolts and tighten them with our ratchet and a 12mm socket if you have a wagon then we can just flip the seat closed.

With the seat reinstalled or flipped shut that’s it we have just showed you how to replace a Subaru Legacy fuel pump assembly.






Thanks for the video, I intend to replace mine next weekend. Quick question though, is there anything i need to do before opening this all up like drain fuel or remove fuel pressure, etc?


You’re welcome. Not sure if you have gotten to replace your fuel pump yet. Just make sure you don’t have a tank full of gas. I try and do them when there is a 1/2 or less in the tank. As far as pressure I let the car sit for a bit before I replace them. You don’t want to start disconnecting hoses right after or soon after shutting the car off a there will be a good amount of pressure in the line.

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