How To Replace An Air Filter On Your Nissan Sentra

Below is a video on how to replace an air filter on your Nissan Sentra.

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Today we will be showing you how to replace the air filter on your 2007 Nissan sentra

Since this is a 2007 they have moved the air box closer to the fire wall and it only has two spring clips to undo.  To start we will pull upward on the end of each spring clip to undo it. With both spring clips undone grasp the handle and then pull it towards the front of the car to separate the air filter holder from the air box.

Once you have them separated you can now pull up on the air filter holder removing it from the air box. Once you have the air filter holder removed you can remove the old air filter by pushing it out of the holder.  Next we can open the new air filter and insert it into the filter holder.  Make sure the clips are out of the way. Once in make sure to press in firmly into the holder.

Once the new air filter is in the holder we can set it aside and inspect the air box. This one has some leaves and dirt in it so we will use a 1 gal Shop-Vac to get them out before reinstalling the new filter. Once clean we can insert the new filter and holder with the two metal clips facing up. Slide it all the way in and down then push it towards the back of the car. Once it is in position we can press the spring clips clipping them back on to seal the air box.

With the two spring clips clipped back on and the air box sealed up that’s it you have just replaced the air filter on your Nissan sentra.






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