How To Make An Ornament Wreath

Below is a video on how to make an ornament wreath.

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Today we will be showing you how to make an ornament wreath or a christmas wreath. Well first start by untwisting the metal coat hanger. You may need to use a pair pliers. Once we have the coat hanger untwisted you can start to bend and shape the coat hanger into a circle to form the wreath. I would recommend using the plastic bulbs as they won’t break and you can store the wreath year to year easier. When picking out the ornaments make sure the hanger hole is big enough to fit the coat hanger though it.

Now that we have the coat hanger bend or shaped into a circle we can start to put on the large ornament bulbs bulbs in the color or pattern you desire. You may need to rotate the bulb on the twisted part of the hanger to get the bulb on. You will need about 80 of the large ornament bulbs. You may also want to take a hot glue gun and glue the hanger part onto the bulb to ensure they don’t fall off your wreath. Keep feeding the large ornament bulbs on and bunching them up. Once you have half the coat hanger full you might want to arrange them a little bit.

Once we have the coat hanger full to about 2 inches or so from the end of the hanger we can twist the two ends back together. You may need to use pliers. With the two ends twisted back together you can leave the hook part of the hanger open and hook it to hang it or you can close it and make it a hoop to hang it. You could also you a wreath hanger

Next we can add some colored tinsel or garland to fill in around the bulbs to cover the hanger. Once we finished putting on the garland we will now add some smaller ornament bulbs using our glue gun and gluing them to the larger bulbs. We laid them all out before we started gluing them. You could also add some LED lights too to further decorate it.

The only thing left to do is find the perfect spot to hang it up for the holiday season. That’s it you have just finished making a ornament wreath. Happy Holidays!

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