How To Install An Electrical Outlet.

Below is a video on how to install an electrical outlet.

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Today we will be showing you how to install or replace a broken outlet or receptacle. Let’s first start by shutting or turning off the breaker that supplies power to the outlet. Once you have the breaker off we can take an test meter and test it to ensure we shut off the correct breaker.


Next we can remove the center screw with a flat screw driver to remove the cover plate. Once we have the cover plate removed we can now remove the two screws top and bottom that hold the outlet in the box. Once we have the two screws removed you can gently pull the outlet out of the box.
You will notice on the outlet that there are different colored screws or terminals this will help you to put the correct wire in the correct location. The common wire white in color should go to the longer spade opening on the front of the outlet and will be the silver color screw or terminal. The hot wire black in color will go to the shorter spade opening of the front of the outlet and will be the brass colored screws or terminals. The ground screw will be the one by itself and will be the green colored screw or terminal. This will be the round hole on the front of the outlet.
So now that we know where the wires go we can switch them over wire for wire to our new outlet. Make sure to put the same wire in the same location on the new outlet. That way if one of the slots on the outlet were controlled by a switch it will still work properly. So remove one wire at a time and then connect it to the new outlet. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to close the loop around the terminal. Then tighten down with a screw driver. Repeat that process until you have moved all the wires to the new outlet.
Next we can take some electrical tape and wrap it around the outlet so it covers the terminals. Just start on one end go over the terminals and then under the screw used to hold it in the box then over the other side’s terminals and then under the other screw used to hold it in the box. I do this so that way the outlet cannot short out on the metal box if it gets bumped or moved.
With the outlet wrapped we can now reinstall it into the box. When putting it into the box you should have the ground opening facing up. The theory behind this is if for some reason the cord is not all the way into the socket and something were to fall it would hit the ground terminal first. If it were the other way with the hot and common terminal upwards if something were to fall it would hit the hot terminal and short out.


First start by pushing the wires back into the box making sure not to pinch any of them. With the wires back in the box we can push the outlet into the box and start the screws. Take a screwdriver and tighten down the screws that hold the outlet to the box. Make sure you don’t pinch any wire and keep the outlet centered in the box.


With the outlet back inside the box we can grab the cover plate and reinstall it. With the cover plate on we can now turn on the breaker that supplies power to the outlet. Next we will test it top and bottom with our 110 v test meter or a receptacle tester to ensure its working correctly. When you have tested it and insured it’s working correctly that’s it you have just installed or replace a broken outlet or receptacle.







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