How To Install A Handheld Shower

Below is a video on how to install a handheld shower

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Today we will be showing you how to install a handheld shower. There are a bunch of reason why you maybe need a handheld shower the most common reasons are for an elderly person who can’t stand while showering and needs to use a shower chair. The second reason is for giving your pet a bath.

Let’s first start by grabbing a small set of channellock plier and removing the old shower head. Once the shower head is removed you will want to remove the old Teflon tape and clean the threads I use a small wire brush to do this.

With the threads cleaned we can grab new blue monster teflon tape and do two to three wraps going clockwise. Once you have put the Teflon tape on the threads you can next install the diverter and snug it down with the same pair of channellock pliers.

Once the diverter is on and tight we can install the shower head. You can reuse your old on if you like. We decided to install a new one. Not only will the new one look nicer it will also save water. We will also snug it down with the channellock pliers.

Next we can install the shower hose for the handheld. There are two different ends on the hose. The longer end connects to the handle. The shorter end connects to the diverter. So next screw the shorter end onto the diverter and snug down with the pliers. Once that end is connected we can grab the sprayer handle and connect the other end of the hose to it. Keep in mind that the handle is plastic and has plastic threads so be careful not to cross thread it or to over tighten it. We will tighten this side to hand tight.

Now that we have our hose connected on both ends we can now install the handle holder. You will want to pick a height that works for you or your application. We install the holder next to the shower controls. The handle holder will go flat against the wall and will need to point up and away so that the handle can drop into it. There are two ways to mount the holder. You can just use the peel and stick method. This is fast and you don’t have to put holes into your tub or shower. For this method you can wash the area with some tilex.Next take an alcohol wipe and clean the area. After that we can dry the area with a paper towel. Next mount the holder by pressing it firmly and evenly against the shower wall.

The second way is to mount is using the screws. So you will need to hold the holder against the shower wall and use a hammer and a punch to mark the two holes. Next take a hammer drill and a ¼” masonry or regular drill bit and drill though the tile or fiberglass. Once the holes are drilled push in or install the supplied mollies. Next hold the holder in line with the mollies and install the two screws that came with the holder. You may or may not want to caulk the holder to the wall to ensure that it is water tight.

With the mount installed or mounted we can next push on or snap on the holder cover. With the cover on you can either hold the handheld or place the handle in the holder and point it towards the shower wall. Also make sure your shower head is facing inward. Next will we turn the water on letting it come out of the shower head and then switching it to the handheld. Well check all the connections for any leaks. If there are no leak that’s it you have just installed a handheld shower in your shower or tub.






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