How To Replace A Battery In A Mazda Key Fob

Below is a video on how to replace or install a battery in a Mazda key fob.

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Today we will be showing you how to replace or install a battery in a Mazda key fob. You will need your new CR1620 battery and a
flat precision screwdriver.

We will first start by pressing the button and flipping the key open on the fob. Once we have the key flipped open if you look where the key is stored or comes out of you will notice a push lock. It is closer to the side where the key hinge or pivot is.

Next take your screwdriver and press the lock down and slide the remote apart. Well set the key side aside. The battery is in the button part of the remote. Next hold the key fob with the buttons up and the open part of the key fob towards yourself.

Next use the screwdriver and press the two push locks down on the left and right side of the fob. With those two push buttons pushed down and the remote starting to separate take the screw driver and put it sideways in the top part to separate it the rest of the way.

With the key fob all apart we can now install the new 3v CR1620 battery
. Be sure to install the battery the correct way. The positive side of the battery should face down. With the new battery installed we can put the two key fob half’s back together.

With the two half’s together we can slide the key part into the button half of the fob.

Once the fob is completely together we can test it to ensure that the key flips out as it should and that the remote can lock/ unlock the car. With the remote functions properly that’s it you have just replaced the battery in your Mazda key fob.







I’m echoing what has already been said but this absolutely saved me today! Thank you so much!

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