How To Install A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Below is a video on how to install a carbon monoxide detector

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Today we will be showing you how to install a Carbon monoxide detector in your house. We are installing a hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide combination detector. They also make CO detectors that simple plug into a wall.

When installing a Carbon monoxide detector it should be in or in close proximity to your bedrooms or sleeping area. Most states now require that there be a carbon monoxide detector in each sleeping area or bedroom. Check your state and local regulations. For added protection or more coverage you can always add additional carbon monoxide detectors. They should be 15-20 feet away from a furnace or fuel burning source and should also be installed 10 feet away from humid condition such as bathrooms or showers. It’s also recommended if you own a multi level house that you install a carbon monoxide detector on each level. If you’re installing one in a basement it should be at the top of the basement stairs.

A carbon monoxide detector has a life span of 5-7 years. The life span differs between manufactures. So when opening your new carbon monoxide detector look in the paperwork to determine the life span of your detector. It’s a good idea to take a permanent markers and write the year on the back of the detector so you will know when to replace it.

To start we will first turn off the breaker that supplies power to the detector. Once we have the power off grab the detector and turn it counter clockwise to remove it from the mounting bracket. Next disconnect the wires. With the wires disconnected we can now grab a screwdriver and loosen the two screws that hold the mounting bracket to the box. With the screws loose you can now remove the old mounting bracket. With the bracket removed we can now pull out and separate the wires.

With the wires separated out you will notice you have a black colored which is the hot wire, a white colored wire which is your common wire, you will also have a red or orange or yellow wire this wire is your interconnected wire. This wire is used to let other smoke or carbon monoxide detectors know that there is a problem.

Next we can disconnect each wire nut and remove the old wiring harness. Grab the new wiring harness and if you do have the third wire you will need to remove the little cap off the red wire. Next we can reconnect each wire black to black and the white to white and then the red to red and wire nut them. Once we have all the wires connected we can push the wires back into the box.

Next we can reinstall the new mounting bracket by sliding the wire though the middle and then putting it onto the screws on the back and turning it. Next grab a screwdriver and tighten the two screws to hold the mounting bracket to the box. Next we can grab the new Carbon monoxide detector and you should notice that there is plastic hanging out of the battery compartment. You will need to remove it. It is there so the battery doesn’t go dead while in the box. With the plastic removed we can next hit and hold down the test button. Once it’s gone though it’s test we can now connect the wiring harness to the carbon monoxide detector. With the wiring attached we can push the wires into the box and then mount the carbon monoxide detector by pushing it into the mounting bracket and turning it.

With the Carbon monoxide detector securely locked into the mounting bracket that’s it you have just installed a carbon monoxide detector in your house.







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