How To Replace Front Sway Bar Links On A Nissan Sentra

Below Is A Video On How To Replace Front Sway Bar Links On A Nissan Sentra



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Today we will be showing you how to replace the front sway bar links/ front stabilizer shafts on a nissan sentra. We will be doing this repair on a 2007 nissan sentra. There are to front sway bar links. One located on the driver’s side and one located on the passenger side.


This repair is easy enough that you can do it in your own driveway or garage. You will need a jack, jackstands and a wheel chock and a level surface to jack the car up on. Since we have access to the lift and air tools we are going to use them.


If you are doing this repair without a lift or air tools you will want to take a pry bar or flat screwdriver and stick it behind the hub cap and twist to remove it. With the hub cap off we can now grab a breaker bar and a 13/16 socket and break the lug nuts free. Once all the lug nuts need to jack the car up just enough to get the wheel off. Place the jack stands under the car and put the wheel chock on the rear wheel. Once we have the car up in the air if you are using a lift you will need to do the two steps above.


Next we can completely remove all the lug nuts and then remove the tire. Once we have the wheel/tire removed we can locate the sway bar link. It will be the knuckle on the sway bar and the thin shaft going up to the knuckle on the strut. Once you have located it we can take some PB blaster or kroil and spray the nuts and let them sit. This will hopefully make it easier to remove them.


So to remove the old sway bar link you will need to put a wrench on the back side of the plate as there is a nut behind there on this car it will be a ¾ wrench that you will use. On the outside we are going to use a 11/16 socket and a breaker bar to loosen the nut.Once we have it  broken loose then switch to a ½ ratchet and put the 11/16 socket on it and loosen the nut the rest of the way and remove the nut. Once we have it off we can slide the sway bar link out of the hole on the strut and let it slide down.


Next we can move onto the bottom nut. Well do the same thing hold the inside nut with a wrench and turn the outside nut with the breaker bar. You maybe find it easier to use and extension and remove it from under the engine cradle. So well put out ¾ wrench on the inside nut and then our 11/16 socket and a 6” extension and use our ½ drive impact wrench and remove the bottom bolt. We replaced this one because the boot got ripped causing it to fail prematurely.


So well unpackage our new sway bar link. So not every sway bar link is the same depending on the manufacturer and weather it’s oem or aftermarket the inside and outside nut size may be different. On our new sway bar link the outside nut will be a 20mm and the outside will be a 19mm nut. Well put some anti-seize on the top and bottom bolt to make it easier to remove next time.


So to install it we can slide one bolt into the sway bar and start the nut and run it down hand tight. There is no top or bottom as it can be installed either way. Once we have the bottom nut hand tight we can move the sway bar link into the strut at the top. With the top of the sway bar link pushed through the strut we can put the nut on and run it down hand tight. With both nuts hand tight we can grab a 20mm wrench and place it on the inside top nut and grab a 19mm and our ratchet and tighten the top bolt. Once we have the top bolt tight we can repeat on the bottom adding our 6” extension.


With both nuts tightened that’s it for installing the sway bar link on the passenger side. You want to replace these in pairs just like shocks and struts as they were put in the same time and wear together. There not that expensive. 


Next we can slide our wheel back onto our wheel studs and start all the lug nuts by hand. We can use a ratchet and a 13/16 socket and snug them up. Once we have them tight we can lower the car and grab our torque wrench and set to the correct amount and torque the lug nuts. Be sure to do it in a criss cross pattern. Then double check each one.


Once we have the lug nuts properly torqued down we can grab the hub cap if you have one and reinstall it. There will be a notch somewhere on the outer edge of the hub cap that needs to be aligned with the valve stem. Align the notch with the valve stem and push/ tap the hub cap in towards the wheel to lock it in.


Once we have the hub cap reinstalled we can move on and repeat all the steps and replace the driver’s side sway bar link. I won’t go through all the steps again as it will be the exact same as the passenger side as it is a mirror image.


So that’s it we have just showed you how to replace the front sway bar links/ front stabilizer shafts on a nissan sentra.






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