How To Install Daytime Running Lights

Below is a video on how to install daytime running lights

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Today we will be showing you how to install a set of driving/ daytime running lights. We are using Phillips LED daylight 8 day time running lights. I like these because they are very easy to install and have a control box with auto on and off and weather tight connections.

We are going to be installing them on a 2007 Subaru Forester. Before you start you will want to think about where you are mounting them and if you can get a screw driver in to tighten the screws that are used to mount the bracket. On this forester we can’t get a screw driver in so we are going to mount them using 3M double sided tape.

So to start we can open the Driving Lights spread it out to see what there is. Next pull the hood release, open the hood and secure it in the open position with our prop rod. Next you will need a Phillips screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Well first use the Phillips screw driver to turn the screw within the clip and remove it on the top of the grill. Next you can use the needle nose pliers to pull the rest of clip out of the grill or reach though the grill and push the clip out.

Now that we have those six clips removed we can grab the grill and pull straight outward to remove the grill. Now with the grill removed it’s time to install the driving lights. So if you are going to screw them in first snake the wire for the light up into the grill area. Next grab a Phillips screw driver and screw into the bumper and mount the bracket.

We are using 3M tape to mount ours so we are going to use a prep wipe and wipe the bumper were we plan to stick the tape to ensure it is clean. Next we can open the 3M tape cut a piece the length of the light peel one side and stick it to the driving light. Depending on how wide your tape is you might want to cut another piece of tape and stick it along side of the other tape to cover the width of the light. Take a little time to make sure the writing on the light will be facing the right way when it’s mounted. So now that we have the 3M tape on the driving light we can snake the wire up into the grill area.

*NOTE: There is a difference between the two driving lights. You will notice there is one with a longer wire. So depending where you battery is the light with the longer wire will go on the opposite side of the car.

On this Subaru the battery is on the driver’s side of the car. The light with the longer wire will go on the passenger side so that way it can reach the control box which will be mounted on the driver’s side closer to the battery. So now that we have the wire pulled up into the grill area and the light where we want it we can pull the other side of the film off the 3M tape and stick the driving light to the bumper.

Next we need to get both the wires from the lights from the grill area into the engine bay. The best way is to follow the hood release cable from the grill area into the engine bay. Once we have the wires in the engine bay you will need to figure out the best place to mount your control box. They give about 24” for the positive and negative to hook to the battery and about the same 24” for the orange wire to hook up to your marker light.

Once you have figured out where you want to mount your control box you can mount it with the screws they give you or use some cable ties. We decided to use the 3M tape to mount our control box that way we are not making a hole that can rust. We mounted our control box to the inside of the strut tower. We also used cable ties to hold our wires and then tucked the positive and negative wires under the fuse box for a cleaner look.

Now that we have the control box mounted we can go back out to the grill area and tuck up and zip tie the wires to the side so you can’t see them though the grill. Once you have the wires tucked behind the bumper we can now reinstall the grill. To install the grill just slide it in making sure the tabs on the bottom of the grill go into the bumper. Once we have the grill pushed in we can reinstall the six clips across the top of the grill. Push the lower side of the clip in and then slide the second part of the clip in to lock it in.

Now that we have the grill reinstalled we can go back into the engine compartment and hook up the positive and negative to the battery. Before you connect the positive and negative be sure that both lights are hooked to the control box. To hook up the positive and negative on this forester we will need a ¼ ratchet and a 10mm socket to loosen the battery terminal. Well loosen the terminal just enough to slide the eyelet under the nut. For the positive terminal we will first slide the wire though the red cover and the connect it.

Now that we have our positive and negative connected to our battery we can grab T-Tap connector to connect the orange wire to our marker light. That way when we turn the lights on the driving lights will dim. If you were using these driving lights as fog lights don’t connect the orange wire that way the lights will stay bright all the time.

Now that we have them hooked up we can test them. When you start the car the lights should automatically turn on and be bright. If you hooked the orange wire to your marker light when you turn on the headlights the driving light should dim. When you shut the car off the driving lights will shut off. A nice feature with these driving lights is that when you shut the car off the driving lights stay on for a little bit to give you time to make it into your house or garage.

So once you have tested them and they work as they should that’s it we have just showed you how to install daytime running lights.



Hi thanks for you video, I am a little confused you mentioned in the video and in the above article
the below the Marker Light
“we can grab T-Tap connector to connect the orange wire to our marker light. That way when we turn the lights on the driving lights will dim. If you were using these driving lights as fog lights don’t connect the orange wire that way the lights will stay bright all the time.”

The video didn’t show or explain where the connection to and what is the marker lights.

I have a 2010 Forester, the rest of your video explained clearly what I had to do, as I said above am a little confused

Chris C

Your welcome, If you don’t connect the orange wire the driving lights will stay bright all the time. When that orange wire sees 12volts it will dim the driving lights. The marker lights are the small lights inside the headlights. If you turn your headlight stalk/ switch one click with the key in the “ON” position and look inside the headlight the lights that are on are the marker lights. I didn’t show it in the video because every car will be a different color wire and be in a different location within the headlight. ( some on the outside corner and some on the inside ) Hope this helps to clarify what you need to do. Thanks for watching.

Hello, just watched your video of the Daylight 8 DRL install on the subaru.

Just wondering if you’ve had or noticed any issues with the light flashing. An amazon review showed an example of this type of problem, it indicates they also contacted Phillips and were told it may be a voltage issue as it is manufactured in Europe.

I’m planning on installing ONE light on the back of a motorcycle for increased visibility- particularly sitting at a traffic light. Do you see installing only one as an issue, as well I will tap it into the parking light as it has lowballs already running as DRL.

Any feedback or info is greatly appreciated.


Hello, Sorry for the late reply. I have installed a few of these and haven’t had any of them flash. I did have someone with an LED light bar that there battery was on its way out and the light bar pulsed/ strobed. Installed a new battery and it was good to go. I don’t think you will have a problem with installing just one but I have never just installed just one light. Good Luck, Let me know if it works out.

Just seen your video, how hard would it be install daytime running lights on a 2009 renualt Clio 2009? Is it kinda the same steps?

Thanks in advance

The kit I used is a decent one and is universal and can be installed on any car. So it will be the same steps just different locations. Good luck with the install.

First of all awesome video man! Really appreciate you making this. I have a 2002 Honda Accord and want to add DRLs to it. The majority of the install doesn’t look too bad but the part where I’m confused is how to connect this to the marker light. How did you find where the connection to the marker light was?

Hello, On each car the wire will be a little different in location and color. If you turn your key to the ON position and the click your headlight switch or stalk one click the smaller lights on the corner of the car or within the headlights that come on are the marker lights. Next locate where the wires coming into the light bulb socket of that bulb and then grab a test light hook the clip side to the negative side on the battery and test each wire and that will tell you which wire is powered or gets hot when you click them on. Then once you know which wire is hot or powered you can grab a T-tap and tap it into that wire.

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