How To Disable A Subaru Seat Belt Alarm/ Chime

Below is a video on how to disable a Subaru seat belt alarm/ chime.

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Note* It seems some of the 2017 models if you do this to disable the seat belt chime it will make the cruise control not work. So if your set on not hearing the seat belt chime or wearing your seat belt your option would be to buy a car safety seat belt buckle clip.

Today we will be showing you how to disable the Subaru seat belt alarm/ constant chime. First off let me say I am NOT promoting not wearing your seat belt in most states it’s a law anyway. I am just showing you how to stop the constant seat belt chime for whatever your reason maybe.

Well first start by sitting in the car in the driver’s seat.

Next put the key into the ignition and start the car. It helps to start the next step before the gauges do there sweep and while the seat belt chime is going. You will need to take the seat belt and clip it into the holder fully and release it 20 times within 30 seconds. Once you have finished that step shut the car off and remove the key.

After 30 seconds with car turned off we can put the key in and start the car again. It will do the first round of beeping and flashing of the light and if you did it correctly and within that time frame it will stop after the first set.

If you would to turn the seat belt chime back on you can disconnect the battery for a few minutes and reconnect it or your local dealer can turn it back on for you. They can also disable it for you but they most likely will charge you and most dealers don’t like to disable it.

That’s it we have just showed you how to disable or turn off your Subaru’s constant seat belt chime/ warning light.



and thank you for your advice!
Do you know how to disable the Seat Belt Alarm/Chime in Subaru Forester SH (2008-2013)?
The signal comes not when starting the engine, but when the speed is over 20 km/h…
And one more question: are the air bags also disabled by it?
Thank you and greetings from Russia!

umm.. I am not sure if your Russian model is different then the one here in the U.S. I would think this would work for yours as well. No this doesn’t disable the air bags only the seat belt chime and light. The dealer should be able to disable it for you too..

You are my hero. That alert beep was as persistent and maddening as chinese water torture. Freeeeeedom!

Can you please tell me how to disable the seatbelt alarm on a 2013 Subaru Outback
The alarm only starts when you have reached 15-20 kms then doesn’t stop until you put your belt on.
Thanks, you site is amazing.

Hello, This should work for that year and model. As many of the comments on you tube have said it has worked. If not have a scroll though your owners manual I want to say page 35 or 45 it should tell you how to disable it. If I am wrong about the page number look in the back in the glossary and find seat belt chime or belt minder and will tell you what page to look on.

My 2011 Legacy chime had been disabled after purchase, giving five peaceful driving years. My new Impreza’s chime was a shock, but I had not kept directions for responding.

Your direct and clear instruction worked like a charm. Thanks for restoring serene driving to me and my dogs.

My hero!!! It worked! I take lots of roadtrips: hot weather. Many times i just need to read a map with air cond on. Being strapped in to a car in park is AWFUL! Really….i might be looking at a map but i am also taking a 5 min break from driving. Marry me ♡
2006 sub forester x
Btw: i hv been wearing seatbelts since BEFORE it was the law. I don’t need a chirping reminder!

2016 Impreza here also – Performed the “click trick” on the driver’s side, then was able to disconnect and remove the passenger seat & not have it ding at me. Hooray & thanks!

Woo hoo! This worked on my 2016 Crosstrek. The seatbelt didn’t ding until unless the car was moving a little, but it still annoyed me…

I was trying to ride with my dog in the front seat and the chime was annoying for the entire ride, plus, fastening the seat belt would interfere with my dog sitting on the seat. (I’m not interested in opinions about the correct way to travel with a dog). I’ll probably get a second seat belt buckle out of the junkyard eventually, but am soooo glad I found this tip which worked in my 2010 Forester. Side benefit: The car no longer complains when I unclip my seatbelt at the beginning of my driveway everytime I get home. Now if we could get Subaru to change it to something like 5-times and have the whole industry adopt the same/similar measure, it would restore faith in the concept of personal freedom and accountability.

Worked on 2015 Impreza…thanks for making me look like a technological genius in front of my mom (even though we all know 9 out of ten times I just google and find someone as helpful as you). Keep on keeping on, thanks.

Thank you so much . This was so annoying . I just thought maybe utube would know after everything else failed! You rock

This trick did work on my 2017 Crosstrek. However, after driving along i noticed that cruise control would not work. Plugging the seatbelt in enables cruise control again, but the whole reason to disable the seatbelt chime is because I don’t want to wear it!! Help?

Don’t think anyone has tried it on a 2017. That seems odd that the seat belt chime would somehow mess with the cruise control. I am not saying don’t wear your seat belt but you could go to any local junk yard and cut off any Subaru seat belt click and just click it in or buy one off Amazon or Ebay. Just updated the post with a link to them at the bottom.

Glad to hear it worked. Someone else said as soon as they did it the cruise light started flashing and didn’t work. But let us know what happens to you. Thanks for letting us know and for watching.

I’m guessing the newer models disabling cruise control with the seatbelt off has nothing to do with the chime and more likely to do with Eyesight. I’m guessing they weren’t riding down the road trying to use cruise control with their seatbelt off while the chime was still enabled. I could be wrong.

P.S. anyone having trouble doing this should try it with the door open. And no need to wait thirty seconds or start the car afterwards.

Ok yes this will work but how do you make the passenger side seat belt chime to stop. It goes off with or without someone in the seat and if it is buckled or not.

On some of them you can do the same thing to the passenger side to get it to turn off but since you say it goes off with or without someone in the seat or if the buckle is buckled or unbuckled I think you have another problem where the weight sensor is messed up or that the wire to the seat belt buckle is undone or broken. You may want to get the wires under the seat to ensure they are all hooked up and that none are broken.

What a relief! When I bought my second-hand Impreza the chime was quiet, but when I reconnected the battery after some electrical work it was driving me nuts. I was about to yank the plug when I read your tip and it works like a charm. Thank you!

Anyone get this to work with the 2018 Black edition forester? I’ve tried car on, car off, door open, door closed. Nothing disables the alarm… any ideas?

It does work on a 2018 Forester don’t think it being a Black edition would make a difference. punkhead23 left a comment on youtube that he got it to work on his 2018 Forester. I think there were a few other people to get it to work as well think he was the most recent person to say he got it to work.

I wish the cruise control warning would have been placed at the top of your good article. It did work well for the seatbelt alarm, but now I cannot figure out how to restore the cruise control which I use frequently. Any ideas other than going to the dealer and asking them to reset it?


Sorry to hear your one of the ones that had it disable the cruise control. You should be able to redo the procedure and it should re enable the cruise control if not you should be able to disconnect the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect it and that should also re enable it. I’ll move the warning to the top of the page.

Worked on my 2010 Forester! Thsnks. Now, if we could disable the annoying techno beeps on the card swiper machines at stores too.

Awesome, Glad to hear you got it to work. You’re welcome. Thanks for letting us know and for watching. Don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up. Thanks

It worked on 05 Outback and it also works for the PASSENGER seat as well (just sit in passenger seat and do the same process)

Worked on my 2020 Limited XT. Other sites said to turn accessories on, but leave engine off. Tried many times and that didn’t work. Glad I found this site!

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