How To Remove, Install, Replace, Or Update Your Toilet.

How to remove, install, replace, or update your toilet.

Below is a video on how to install, replace or update your toilet.

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Today we will be showing you how to remove and replace or update your toilet. There are many reasons to replace your toilet they include.. It is not working properly, Something is stuck in it and a toilet snake can’t get it out, It is an old dated color, To conserve water especially if you live where you have to pay for water. Another reason is if your toilet sweats during the summer months you can install an insulated tank to stop this. The two popular reason are because its an old and out dated color and to replace it with a higher toilet called comfort height toilet . Most comfort height toilet comply with ADA requirements.

First we will start by shutting of the supply valve to the toilet. Once you have the water shut off going to the toilet you can flush the toilet and hold down the handle until the tank completely drains. Next Grab a plunger and use it to push the remainder of the water out of the toilet bowl.

Once the bowl is drained we can now remove the supply line or riser. For this grab a set of Channellocks and remove the lower small nut and the larger upper nut. There will be water in the line so if you have a small bucket or pan handy it’s a good idea to place one under the connections.

Next grab a flat screw driver and we can move onto removing the caps that cover the nuts that hold the toilet to the floor. Take the screw driver and stick it under the cap and twist the screw driver to release the cap. Once you have the caps removed left and right we can now use the Channellocks and remove the nuts completely. Once the nuts are off we can remove the metal washer and the lower plastic one. With those removed left and right we can now lift and remove the toilet . It is a good idea to do this with someone’s help as it will be easier to keep the toilet level and not spill any water out of the trap. It is also a good idea to have a piece of cardboard wherever you plan to set the toilet down as the wax gasket could stay on the toilet.

Once you have the toilet removed inspect the mounting flange. If your mounting flange is rusted or looks weak where the bolts go you will need to install a replacement flange. They are easy to install you just line up the places where the bolts go with your old flange and then install stainless steel into the six tabs around the flange into the sub flooring. If you have a tile floor you will need to use a masonry bit to drive though the tile. When the Flange is all set when can now reinstall the two toilet bolt into the flange by sliding them into the groove. Once the bolts are in you can now install the wax gasket with or without the horn . Readjust the bolts so that they are pointing straight up as it will be easier to install the new toilet.

Once you have the bolts and the wax gasket in positions you can now drop the new toilet onto the bolts so that they stick up though the toilet base. Next open the bag with the caps in it. Grab the plastic washer and install it onto the bolt. Make sure that you have them facing the right way as they say “This Side Up” That side should be facing up and away from the toilet. Next install the metal washer that came with the new set of toilet bolts. Next install the nuts. Once you have the washers and nuts on we can use the channellock to snug the nuts down. BECAREFUL not to over tighten them as you can crack the toilet. Once the nuts are snug we can take the hack saw or our cordless cut off tool and cut the bolt off right above the nut so we can install our new caps. Once you have both sides cut you can snap the new caps into position.

Once the caps are installed we can move onto installing our new toilet supply line . You can use either the polyurethane or a steel braided flex line. Tighten the top and bottom nut with the channel locks. Once you have the toilet supply line tight we can now turn on the vavle to the toilet. While its filling you can check the flex line for any leaks and also the packing nut on the valve body tighten it if you need to. Once the tank is full you will have to adjust the water level in the tank. To do this turn the adjustment rod on the fill vavle counter clockwise a few times then press the toilet handle down slowly just enough to let water go by the toilet flapper. Do this just long enough to let enough water out so that the fill vavle starts to refill the tank once you hear it start to fill again let go of the handle so the flapper will close. Repeat this step until you have the water level to the desired height.

Once you have the water level adjusted you can now install the new cover for the tank. Give the toilet a few test flushes and then check for leaks around the base and around the riser and valve. With no water leaks, That’s it you have just replaced your toilet .




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