How to change the oil, oil filter and replace your air filter on your Kubota 2920 tractor (Part 1)

Below is a video on changing the oil and oil filter and replace your air filter on your Kubota 2920 tractor.

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Today we will be doing/ showing you steps to do the first service or your regular service on a kubota 2920 tractor. This is the first part of the service which will include changing the oil, hydraulic oil and filters for those systems. First start by lifting the bucket to the up most position and placing a High-Position Jack Stand under the bucket. NEVER rely on the hydraulics to hold something in place make sure you block it/ support it. Hydraulics can fail at anytime and cause injury or death. Next remove the left and right side engine covers and the grill.

Next start the tractor and let it come up to its normal operating temperature. It is always a good idea to try and change the engine oil while it is warm as it helps loosen foreign particles. First place your oil drain pan under the drain plug. Next grab a seventeen millimeter wrench and loosen and remove the drain plug. It might be a good idea to wear rubber gloves. Keep in mind the oil will be HOT or WARM. Once the oil is drained you can reinstall the drain plug.

Next you can move the drain pan under the oil filter. Once the pan is in position you can take an oil filter wrench and remove it. Be sure to look at the oil filter and make sure you have the oil filter gasket on the filter and not still on the block. Next fill the new oil filter part# HH150-32094 with new oil and be sure to put some on the new oil filter gasket. Install the new oil filter by bring it snug to the block and giving it three fifths of a turn more. Next you might want to write the mileage on the oil filter with a sharpie so you know when the last service was done.

Next grab a clean funnel and begin filling the tractor with the new oil. Use SAE 15w-40 oil for diesel engines it should take around 3.7 US quarts just under 1 us gallon. Once you have added close to that amount you can start the tractor and let it run for a bit and then recheck the oil level and add if you need to. That’s it for the oil.

Next we can move onto removing the air filter and either cleaning it off or replacing it. First pull up on the housing to pop it out of the holder. Next release the two spring clips top and bottom and remove the cover. Next remove the larger filter depending on how dirty it is you can use an air compressor and just blow it clean or if it is really dirty you can replace it with part#-6C060-99410. Next remove the second or the inner finer screened filter. We will use compressed air to blow out this one. If it is ripped or damaged you should replace it part#-32721-58242. With that one removed you can easily wipe out the air filter housing. When the housing and the inner screen are clean you can reinstall the inner screen and then the bigger filter by sliding them back into the housing. Next reinstall the cover with the arrow pointing up and the drain towards the bottom. Rescuer the two clips to hold the air filter cover in place and then push the housing down to lock it into position.

That’s it you have just changed the oil, oil filter and cleaned or replaced the air filter and that completes the first part of your kubota 2920 tractors service. In the second tractor service video we will be changing the fuel filter, hydraulic oil, hydraulic filters, rear end and front end fluid. Thank you to the guys at for lending us there tractor and letting us perform the first service on it. Click Here to see the second part of serving your Kubota tractor.




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