How To Remove, Clean, lubricate And Reinstall An Exhaust Fan On A Pellet Stove

Below is a video on how to remove, clean, lubricate and reinstall an exhaust fan on a pellet stove.

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Here we Here we have a St. Croix pellet stove. This one is a fireplace insert. Well be showing you How to remove, clean, lubricate and reinstall the exhaust fan. First thing to do is make sure your stove is unplugged.

Next you will need to unplug the two wires that are going to the Fan motor. Take note of where you remove them from. You can use colored electrical tape.

Next you will need a 1/4″ ratchet and a short 11/32 socket. We will use that to remove the six nuts that hold the exhaust fan in place. With those removed you can now tip the motor towards yourself and remove it. With the motor removed we can now work on cleaning it.

First let’s clean the exhaust blade. You can do this by taking a wire brush and brushing it down. It might be a good idea to do this outside and to wear a dust mask. With that blade cleaned off new can now spray it down with some CRC dry graphite lube this will help to fill in any small rust pits to make a smooth surface and stop soot from adhering to the fan blade. For the motor side we can take a plastic hard bristled brush or a dust pan broom and we can use that to clean the vents. You could also you an air compressor and blow the dust out of the motor. For the heavier stuff we can use a degreaser and a rag and wipe it down. Now with the exhaust fan cleaned we can now lubricate it. I would use 3-IN-ONE oil as that seems to works best for these small motors. So we will put a small amount onto the motor shaft while spinning the blade to let it work in.

Next we can clean the exhaust housing on the stove side. First take a mini wire brush set and brush down the inside of the exhaust housing that will remove the soot that is adhered to the side walls. For the heavier stuff we can use a degasser and a rag and wipe it down. Once its wiped down and dry we can use some of that dry graphite lube to coat the inside to make it a smoother surface so soot wont adhering to it.

With the fan motor cleaned and lubricated and the stove side clean we can now reinstall the exhaust fan. You want the sticker/ wires facing you. Then tip the motor towards yourself and drop it back onto the six bolts or studs sticking out of the exhaust housing. Once the motor is on those six studs we can now reinstall those six 11/32 nuts to hold it in place making sure to snug them down with our ratchet and socket. With the motor back in and those six nuts tightened down you can go ahead and reconnect those to leads that we disconnected before that power the stove.

That’s it your done. You have just removed, cleaned, lubricated and reinstalled the exhaust fan on your pellet stove.






Very good video. How do get behind the center pot? There is no ash trap door to access that area. Are you local to Massachusetts for hire to look at stove?

Hello, Sorry I am not near Mass. I assume your you are talking about the inside of the stove. You are correct there is no access door behind the center ash tray. I will clean that area when I have the stove outside and used compressed air. While the stove is inside my shop vac end is small enough to go into the outside ash tray access hole and vac them out. If there is a big enough amount or has never been cleaned you could try taking air in a can and blow it into one access hole while putting your shop vac into the other side and blow it towards the shop vac and then switch sides that should remove a good amount.

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