Step By Step On How To Remove Your Old Oil Free Disposable Pump On A Ex-cell XR2500, XR2700 Pressure Washer

Below Is A Video Of the Pump Being Removed.

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A Little Bit About The Stock Pump. It’s A Devilbiss (Part# D27983) Radial Two Piston Design. This Pump Is Made Out Of All Aluminum. The Two Piston Design Is Known For Noise And Vibration. The Devilbiss Pump Doesn’t Use Oil And This Is Why It Only Last For 50Hrs And Is Also Known As A Disposable Pump. They Do Still Sell Them But In The Long Run It’s Better To Upgrade To A Pump That Uses Oil And Has More Pistons To Lower The Noise And Vibration.

A Little About The Best Pump For This Pressure Washer. It’s A Little Giant Pump. It’s A Direct Replacement And The Part Number Is GXH2525A. This Pump Uses Oil And Has A Life Of 500+ Hrs. It’s a Horizontal Triple Piston Pump Which Means It Has Less Vibration and Noise. The Pressure Can Be Adjusted Down From ­­2.5 GPM @ 2500 PSI. The Pump Has A Chemical Injector, Thermal Relief Valve And A Brass Head. Best Of All, These Pumps Are Made In The USA.

The First Thing To Do Is To Order Your Upgraded GXH2525A Replacement Pump. If You Look Else Where To Buy Your New Pump Be Sure To Make Sure The Pump Comes With Oil Or You Buy Pump Oil With It As Some Companies Sell Them Without Oil And With Out The Garden Hose Connection. Be Sure To Read Carefully.

First Let’s Get The Tools Required To Remove The Pump.

1)       3/8 Ratchet

2)       4mm Allen Wrench Or Socket

3)       8mm socket

4)       21mm Wrench

5)       16mm Wrench

6)       13mm Wrench

7)       10mm Wrench

8)       Sand Paper Or Emery Cloth

Grab Your 10mm Wrench And Remove The Solvent Inlet Nipple.

Next Grab Your 8mm Socket And Ratchet With Them Remove The 2 Bolts On Each Side Of The Black Protective Cover.

Next Remove The Rubber Line From The Rubber Holder Underneath The Frame.

Next Grab Your 16mm Wrench And Rotate The Crank Shaft Until You See The 4mm Allen Set Screw

Once You Have The Screw Lined Up You Can Remove It With Your 4mm Allen Wrench Or Allen Socket.

Next Grab Your 13mm Wrench And Remove The 4 Pump Mounting Bolts.

Next Take Your 21mm Wrench And Remove The Lower Nipple (Thermo Valve) That Goes Though The Frame.

Next You’re Ready To Remove The Pump It Should Slide Off. If The Pump Doesn’t Slide Of You Might Need To Spray It And Let It Soak In To Loosen It.

With The Pump Off It’s A Good Time To Use That Emery Cloth Or Sand Paper To Clean The Shaft Of Surface Rust So The New Pump Will Slide On Easily And Also To Clean The Frame Of An Oil And Metal Chips.

That’s It Your Done.





Does the replacement pump come with the fittings for the input hose and the high pressure hose? I cannot tell from the picture. Also, does the oil come with it. Thanks.

Yes this pump came with the fittings for the hose connection and the high pressure side. I am pretty sure this pump also came with oil. It doesn’t hurt to buy some just in case it doesn’t then you already have some when its time to change the pump oil.

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