How To Install Trailer Hitch Wiring On A Subaru

Below is a video on How To Install Trailer Hitch Wiring On A Subaru

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Today we will be showing you how to install trailer hitch wiring on a Subaru. This should work for 1999 and up Subaru’s as I believe in 1999 Subaru added a small white plug into the car’s harness in the rear to easily add trailer hitch wiring without having to run a 12v supply wire to the battery or splicing the wiring into the tail light. The only difference if doing it on a different year will be you will need to buy the correct kit for your year Subaru.


We will be showing you on this 2007 Subaru Outback so we are using the Curt Manufacturing custom wiring kit number 55370. So when using one of these kits there is no need to do any splicing. Its as easy as getting the correct wiring kit plugging the kit into the white plug within the harness and then it goes to the converter box and then out to the flat four trailer hitch plug or the 7 way plug if you have a small trailer with led lighting and need to recharge the batteries.

So to start well open the trunk or hatch well clear out the contents of the trunk or hatch also if there is a cargo mat well go ahead and remove that and set it aside. Once we have the mat out of the way we can now remove the spare tire cover by lifting it up and pulling it towards yourself to get the back to hinge or pivot points out.

Once we have the spare tire cover removed we can remove the cargo area storage cover over top of the spare tire. Well do that by just lifting upwards and then well set that aside.

Next we can remove the driver’s side carpet area next to the spare tire. To remove it well just lift upwards on it as there are two push pins that hold it in place they are more towards the front side of the vehicle.

Next we can squeeze the tab and lower down and remove the drivers side storage cover. If your in an older Subaru or a Sedan the wire will be located near the jack. Since we are in a wagon we will need to remove the drivers side styrofoam jack handle holder and set it aside. To remove that you can use a flat screwdriver and pop the push pins out. Well just use our hands and lift the rear of it up and pop out the first pin next we can grab the white push pins and lift up and remove them. Once all the push pin are removed we can lift and pull the jack handle holder towards the middle of the car as there is a small tab that sits under the edge trim.

Once we get that removed if you look under the edge of the body panel you will see the trailer hitch wiring. It is normally taped back onto itself. So well grab the middle of it and pull downward so we can get the end of it out. Once we have the end of the wire out where we can get at it we can open our trailer wiring kit.

With our kit open we can plug the white end of our kit and plug it into the white connector of the car. Make sure its securely connected by wiggling it and trying to pull it apart. Next we can grab our 10 amp fuse from the bag that has the instructions in it. Well place the 10 amp fuse inside the fuse holder within the wiring kit. The idea is that the fuse will blow if we draw to much though the wiring kit protecting it.

Once we have the fuse installed we can now grab the double sided sticky tape and peel one side and stick it onto the converter box. Once we have it stuck to the converter box we can mount or stick it to the car. I find it best to stick it within the lower or back side of the wheel well. So people like to also stick it down within the spare tire well. Just keep in mind you’l want it low enough to be below the spare tire cargo storage bin and it may be in the way when you need to get at the spare tire itself. So well tuck the connector and the wiring down within the rear part of the wheel well and then peel the other side of the double sided tape and stick it to the raised part right behind the rear wheel well.

Next we can stretch out the trailer hitch wiring into the spare tire well. Once we have the wiring in place we can grab the jack handle holder and put in back into place. Once in place we can align the holes and reinstall the push pin and the two white push pins. There is a groove that the wiring should be able to go though. We can grab the driver’s side storage compartment cover and align the two bottom pins and then bring it up and click it in.

Next we can grab the driver’s side carpeted piece and reinstall it. well put it back into place making sure the push pins line up and click them in. Once we have that reinstalled we can grab the trailer hitch wiring and remove it from the spare tire wheel well and place it onto of that carpeted piece we just reinstalled. With the wiring out of the way we can grab the spare tire storage cover cargo bin. Once we have that in place we can place the trailer hitch wiring within the cargo area storage bin.

Next we can grab the spare tire cover and align the two pins of the front side go into the holes that way it will hindge as it should. Once we have that in we will ensure that all the panels are laying flat and fit nicely. Will the panels in and flat we can grab the rear cargo mat and place that back within the trunk.

So to use your new trailer hitch wiring you will open the rear trunk or hatch. Lift the cargo mat and spare tire cover. Grab the wiring pull it out of the rear cargo storage bin. Lower the cover and mat. Place the wiring next to the trailer hitch. Be sure to keep the wiring away from the latch of the trunk and to have enough out for turning of the trailer.

If you do a lot of towing or would like your wiring near the trailer hitch you can remove the spare tire completely and there is a rubber plug in the bottom you can cut that and put your trailer hitch wiring out through the rubber plug and then bring it back to the trailer hitch and a fix it to it. Once you have done so be sure to reseal the rubber plug to ensure water doesn’t enter your car. You can use silicone or duct seal to do this.


So that’s it we have just shown you how to install trailer hitch wiring on a Subaru.








I have a 2004 Legacy. I bought a wiring harness from the dealer. I cannot find the plug. I was told this model was not made with a plug. Is that true or are they trying to charge me for things I don’t need?

The 2000-2004 Subaru legacy and Outback’s wagon factory wiring harness plug is located on the passenger side of the car pretty much opposite the jack location behind the side cover and tucked down in the lower rear wheel arch. Same kind of white/ yellow clear plug end. A square connector maybe 9 pin or so. If your talking about a Legacy sedan you might check the same place as above but not 100% off the top of my head.

If its a wagon it will be on the passenger side behind the side panel right where the jack is on the driver’s side. It is normally tucked down in the rear quarter panel/ area behind the rear tire wheel arch. It should be a white or yellow kind of see though square plug connector. I think its a 9 connector plug if I remember right. If its a sedan you might want to check the same spot but I’m not 100% that that’s where it will be. There are normally tucked off to the side and kinda of down in that rear quarter/ wheel arch area on the newer ones on the drivers side and on the older on the passenger side.

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