How To Do An Oil Change On A H6 3.0L Outback – EZ30D

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Today we will be showing you how to do an oil change on a Subaru Outback with a 3.0 H6 Engine or the EZ30D. The one we are using is a 2000 Subaru Outback H6 l.l bean edition. This should also work for the Subaru Tribeca’s with the EZ30D engine as well.


Some items your going to need to complete this task are a oil drain bucket, new oil and filter, jack, jack stands, funnel, 17mm wrench and a oil filter wrench a new filter and oil. So to start we want to have the car on a flat or level surface.


Once we have the car parked on a hard flat/ level surface we can grab the floor jack and put it right behind the front drivers side wheel at the lift point. Next we can set the parking break and put some wheel chocks behind the rear wheels insuring that it won’t roll on you. The reason we are jacking the car up at this point is that the drain plug is located on the passenger side of the car so when we jack it up we will be tipping the car a bit towards the passenger side making it easier to remove most of the oil from the oil pan. Once the car is lifted be sure to use the jack stand to ensure it can’t fall on top of you.

With the car safetly in the air we can now lay a piece of cardboard down to lay on and then get underneath the car. Next we can place our oil drain bucket under the oil drain plug. Next we can grab the 17 mm wrench and loosen the drain plug and let all of the oil drain out.


Once it’s done draining we can take a rag or paper towel and wipe the area around the drain plug hole to ensure the drain plug can seal when reinstalled. With it cleaned up we can reinstall the drain plug. Check and make sure the crush washer is there and in decent shape. Once run down hand tight we can grab the 17 mm wrench and snug down the drain plug. Be careful not to over tighten it. I believe it’s 33 ft lbs if I remember off the top of my head. 


Once we have the drain plug reinstalled into the oil pan we can move the drain bucket under the oil filter. Next we can grab the oil filter wrench and loosen and remove the old oil filter. This one was over tightened as you can see as I crushed the oil filter trying to remove it.


Now that we have the old filter removed we open our new filter and then open our other quart of oil and put some into the filter. Next we can take some of the new oil on our finger tip and apply some to the o-ring/ seal on the new oil filter. Once we have oil applied to the o-ring we can take that rag or paper towel and wipe down the mating surface where the oil filter seals. On this one we are wiping down the oil cooler. Once clean we can install the new filter. It should be HAND TIGHT only. Double check the filter and the drain plug in the oil pan to ensure they are snug.


So now that we have the drain plug and new oil filter installed we can remove the jack stand and let the jack down. Once the car is down on the ground we can pull the hood release and open the hood and prop it open.


With the hood open we can locate the oil fill cap and remove it. It’s right behind the overflow bottle for the radiator and right next to the dipstick to the left of the battery. With the filler cap removed we can slide/ screw in the funnel into the fill tube. With the funnel in we can pour in our new oil out of our 5 quart jug. Once we have that in we can add the open 1 quart bottle that we used some out of to put into the new oil filter and on the o-ring.


So we should have about 6 quarts in this engine. Next we can put the oil fill cap back on. Start the engine let it run for a minute or so then shut it off. Well let it sit for another minute letting the oil make its way back down to the oil pan. Next we can pull the dipstick wipe it off and put it back in and check the current fill level of the new oil.


As you can see on the dipstick it’s a little low so well keep adding some oil and checking until we reach the full mark on the dipstick. Give it a little bit of time for the oil to reach the oil pan and change the level each time you add oil.


So this one ended up taking 6 quarts and 8 oz to reach the full mark on the dipstick. So before you end up closing the hood it’s a good idea to check the other fluid levels such as the Power steering fluid, Brake fluid, Clutch, ATF, Front differential, Coolant, Windshield washer fluid to ensure there at the proper level.


With all our fluids at the proper level we can shut the hood and make sure it’s properly latched.


That’s we have just shown you how to replace the oil in your Subaru Outback or Tribeca with the 3.0L H6 EZ30D engine.










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