How To Replace The Sprockets On A Bulldozer

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Today we will be showing you how to replace the sprockets on your bulldozer. This one is a John Deere 350 B  bulldozer. The reason to change the sprockets is that they get worn down letting the track chain slide over the top. This happens when you push a lot of dirt or when you try and turn the bulldozer.


Alright to start we are going to need a 15/16 socket and a breaker bar or a ½” impact gun and loosen and remove whichever bolts we can get the socket onto. You should be able to remove 4-5 of them. If your replacing both sprockets left and right you will want to loosen and remove the other side as well.


Now that we have 4 of the sprocket bolts removed from each side we can now start the dozer and back it up onto blocks we will want the block to land just under the last roller right next to the sprocket. You will also want the 4-5 bolts that we didn’t loosen or remove to land on the upward side of the sprocket so we can get to them. Once the dozer is up on the blocks we can push the blade of the dozer down raising the front of the dozer to get the front of the tracks off the ground and then shut the dozer off.


Next we can unpackage our new sprockets that way they are ready to be installed. Now that we have our new sprockets unpackage we can grab a come along or cable puller and attach one end around the front of the track adjuster right next to the front roller or wheel. Once we have that side on we can attach the other side to the track chain right behind the rear sprocket.


Once we have the come along in position we can grab a ¾ wrench and loosen the lock or jam nut on the track adjuster. Once we have the lock nut loose we can grab a ½” wrench and loosen and remove it completely and let grease come out. Next we can tighten the come along slowly and let the grease out. We’ll take a putty knife and a piece of cardboard and scoop up the old grease so we don’t make to much of a mess.


Once we have the track adjuster pulled all the way back we can grab a junk rubber belt and run it through the track chain and up though the track pads/ grousers. Next well grab a strap and hook it to the grab bar or bar right next to the seat and the other end to the belt and well go on a bit of an angle so when we tighten it it pulls the track back to give us all the stack towards the rear sprocket.


With the strap holding the middle of the track up and pull it back we can now remove the come along off the track chain and track adjuster and well hook one end to the cage of the dozer. Next we can grab another junk rubber belt and put in though the track chain and up though the track pads/ grousers and well hook the belt onto the other end of the come along. Next we can tighten the come along to pull up and backwards on the track.


With the come along tightened up we are now ready to remove the sprocket. We can loosen and remove the last of the bolt holding the sprocket on. BE CAREFUL removing the last bolt as the sprocket may fall off the hub. This one is stuck on so we will tap it a few times with a bar to pop it off.


With the sprocket loose the next step is easier with two people one to wiggle the track and one to pull out the old sprocket. Once we have the old sprocket removed we can take an air hose and blow off the threads also if there is a lot of rust on the hub you can wire brush it quick. With it cleaned up we are now ready to install the new sprocket. Well do the same thing as when we took it off have someone wiggle the track and someone set the sprocket in. You may need to use a pry bar to help move the sprocket around or get the track chain over it. You may also want to use a roll head pry bar to align the bolt holes.


Once we have the bolt holes aligned we can start them all by hand once we have them hand tight we can grab the impact and socket and tighten which ones we can reach.


Once we have the four sprocket bolts tight we can now reinstall the ½” bolt back into the track adjuster. Well start it by hand and run it all the way down and then snug it up with the ½” wrench. Once we have the ½” bolt snugged down we can grab the ¾” wrench and tighten the lock or jam nut. Once we have that reinstalled we can repeat the process to replace the other sprocket on the other side of the machine.


Now that we have both sprockets replaced we can start the dozer and drive it forward just enough to get it off the blocks and make it so we can get to the other sprockets bolts we didn’t tighten while it was up on the blocks. You will want to tighten both sides left and right.


Now that we have all the sprocket bolts tight left and right we can grab a grease gun and put grease back into the track adjusters putting the proper tension on the tracks. You can look it up in your owner’s manual or online if you don’t know. Each machine is a little different. Well do both sides it takes a bit of grease to tighten the track bolts so it’s nice to have a battery powered grease gun and a few extra grease tubes.


Once we get the track adjusters pumped back up with grease we can run the dozer a bit and then recheck the track tension and add grease if you need to. So as you can see and hear this one when turning and pushing a full blade worth of dirt and a tree the track chains do not slide over the top of the sprockets anymore.


So that’s it we have just shown you how to replace the sprockets on your John Deere 350 bulldozer.









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