How To Replace The Teeth On Your Excavator Or Backhoe Bucket

Below is a video on How To Replace The Teeth On Your Excavator Or Backhoe Bucket

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Today we will showing you how to replace the teeth on your excavator or backhoe bucket. We will be showing you on this Kubota KX40. I believe this will also work for Case and John Deere and other makes with a ⅜ roll pin that goes top to bottom. This will also work for ones that use a ⅜ roll pin that goes left to right though the tooth. Just the tooth will need to have to holes going left to right like this ONE.


So as you can see the stock teeth that came on the bucket are worn down and the last one is actually warn though and almost to the shank. This time we are going to replace the stock teeth on the bucket with what they call tiger teeth. These are better for digging in sand rock or hard dirt. There are a few different versions of the tiger teeth. There is the single tooth version which we will be installing now. They also make a twin or double tiger tooth and I believe they have just came out with a triple tiger tooth as well. There are also teeth called flare bucket teeth which are teeth with a wide flat pad at the end.


So to start bring the bucket up to a good working height so you don’t have to bend over to work on it. If your cylinder bleeds down be sure to set the bucket onto of something sturdy and that so the teeth are hanging off the edge of the surface.


Next we can grab our ⅜ roll pin punch and a decent size sledge hammer. Align the punch over the roll pin and drive the pin out using the sledgehammer by hitting the punch. Depending on how long the tooth has been on there you may need to tap it loose with the sledge hammer to free it up. Once its loose we can grab it and wiggle it off.


Once we get the tooth off we can clean off wipe down the shank. With the shank cleaned we can grab our new tiger tooth and slide it onto the the shank with the flat part of the tooth down and the rounded edge near the pin facing upwards.


We’ll align the roll pin hole and next we can grab our new ⅜ roll pin and slide it into the hole. With it started we can now grab the sledgehammer and hammer it in. You want to make sure you get the pin all the way in. You may need to use the punch to get it centered in the tooth.


So with the first tooth replaced you can just repeat the process for the rest of the teeth on your bucket until you have them all replaced. Like I said for this one the tooth part number will be X156 for the regular/standard tooth and X156T for the tiger tooth and X156F for the flare or flat one.


So that’s it we have just shown you how to replace the the teeth on your excavator or backhoe bucket.








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