How To Replace A Cabin Air Filter On A Toyota Sienna

Below is a video on How To Replace A Cabin Air Filter On A Toyota Sienna

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Today we will showing you how to replace a cabin air filter on a Toyota sienna mini van. We will be showing you on this 2012 Toyota Sienna.


They Recommend replacing the cabin air filter every 15-25,000 miles or once a year. I would say to check it every 10,000 miles and see if it needs replacing. If it doesn’t look that bad you can vacuum off the bigger stuff such as leaves and reinstall it.

It will be the same for 2004-2009 models the only difference with be the filter part # and that the filter sits in a tray attached to the filter housing door. It will be the exact same for 2010-2014. I’m not sure about the 2015-2017 models So if you try it on one of these years let us know if it’s the exact same or what the difference is.


So we will start by opening the passenger door and sliding the seat back as the filter is located behind the glove box. Next we can open the glove box and remove the contents if you can easily.


Now that we have the glove box cleaned out we can now look on the right side of the glove box and locate the damper/ stopper and squeeze the bottom part of the pin and slide the damper off of the pin. Once we have the dampener removed we can squeeze the top of the glove box together to bring it inward so the pins/ stoppers on the side can be removed from the track to lower the glove box downward. The glove box may come off the clips or pins at the bottom and become totally loose.


With the glove box lowered down or completely off we can now see the filter housing door. To remove that you will need to squeeze the clips on both side and pull it towards yourself. The door has an up arrow on it to make sure you reinstall it the correct way. Once we have the door off we can grab and remove the old filter.


With the old filter removed we can look inside the filter housing to see if we need to vacuum it out. You can use a small/ lightweight shop vac to do this. With the filter housing clean we can now open over new filter and install it. You can run the premium filter or the regular stock filter. It may be best to run the premium filter in the spring though the fall and the stock one though the winter.  Making sure when you side it in you have the up arrow pointing the right way. Once we have the filter installed we can reinstall the filter housing door also making sure the up arrow if facing the right way. Once we have the door on it’s a good idea to start the car and put it on recirculation mode and make sure the door is really sealed before you install the glove box.


So this door is sealed and not making any noises so we can reinstall the glove box. To do this we will align the bottom clips and wiggle it back and forth to make sure they’re all on. Once we have the bottom clips on we can push upward slowly and slide the top two clips back into the track. You should hear them pop back into position.


Once we have the top two clips in we can go the to the right side and slide the damper back onto the pin of the glove box. Once we have the dampener reattached to the glove box we can shut it and try it to make sure it functions as it should. This one does so we can return the contents to the inside of the glove box.


So with the contents back inside the glove box and it functioning as it should that’s it we have just showed you how to replace your cabin air filter on a Toyota sienna.









As my last air filter is damaged and I bought a new one but don,t know how to replace the old one. so That’s why I start research on the internet and find this article. After watching the video and reading this article I will replace, my old car filter and fix a new one. This article is really helpful to me thanks for sharing this amazing stuff.

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