Why We Haven’t Uploaded Anything To The Site/ Youtube For Just Over A Year

Why We Haven’t Uploaded Anything To The Site/ Youtube For Just Over A Year…..

So life got a little busy for us shortly after our last upload. My grandmother having an ischemic stroke. An ischemic stroke can be embolic, meaning the blood clot travels from another part of your body to your brain. An estimated 15 percent of embolic strokes are due to a condition called atrial fibrillation, where your heart beats irregularly. So she spent sometime in the intensive care unit and after a while was transferred to a normal floor within the hospital. So we spent a good amount of time with her at the hospital. Then after a while she was transferred out to a rehab place. So we spent a good amount of time there visiting and making sure she did what she needed to do so that she could go home. In the off time we were working our normal jobs and we also started renovating her house to make it easier for her to come back home. We painted the entire inside of the house and then we replaced her wall to wall carpeting with hardwood flooring, added onto the deck and installed an outdoor lift as she would now be in a wheelchair. We also added a concrete pad to park the car on and a concrete walkway to the outdoor wheelchair lift. To make it easier to get her in and out of the house for the many doctor visit she would need to go to. So she got to live at home and enjoy her home for a few months before she passed away in October. Shortly after that we got some more bad news as my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time after being cancer free for five years. So she ended up having a bilateral mastectomy. A  bilateral mastectomy is where they remove both breasts surgically. The surgery aims to remove all breast tissue that potentially could develop breast cancer. So we have just finished dealing with that and getting that all taken care of. We also had been talking about relocating, so with my grandmother passing and the other situation taking care of we pulled the trigger and put our house on the market and shortly after listing it sold it. So we purchased some land and I will be building the new house with the help of some friends here and there. So the plan is to try to at least add a new video once a month. I may or may not add a section to the right that will have videos of clearing the land, doing the driveway,building the house etc. Some might be time lapsed such as the framing of the house. I guess it will depend on if you would like to see that or not. So comment below if you’re interested in seeing that and depending on peoples input well see if we end up doing it. So there are some of the main reasons why we haven’t uploaded anything to the site/ Youtube for just over a year but like I said were hoping to get back to it by at least adding one new video a month and depending on the weather and were I am at with the house maybe uploading more. 

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