How To Rebuild A Delta Single Handle Faucet

Below is a video on how to rebuild a single handle delta faucet.

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Today we will be showing you how to rebuild a delta single handle faucet. This delta facet has a steady drip and also leaks out of the handle when using the cold water.

To start we can shut the valves off that supply the hot and cold water to the faucet. Next we can turn the faucet on and to the cold and then to the hot to make sure the water to the facet is completely turned off.

Next we can take a 1/8” allen wrench and loosen the screw that holds the handle in place. With that screw loose we can now grab the handle and remove it.

With the handle removed we can open our RP3614 repair kit and grab the tool to remove the cap. Once we have the tool out we can use the 2 prong side and put the prongs into the groves on the cap and twist it to loosen the cap. After a few turns with the tool you should be able to remove it the rest of the way by hand and remove it and set it aside.

Once we have the cap removed we can grab a pair of channel locks and pull straight out to remove the handle guide/ seal and the ball assembly. When we have it out we can inspect the ball assembly part part # RP70 to see if we should replace it while we have it out. On this faucet there are some grooves and corrosion on the ball so we are going to replace it.

Next we can grab a flat screw driver and stick it into the cup and spring on the hot side of the facet and twist and it pull the cup and spring out. Note which way they are facing as we will need to reinstall the new cup and spring the same way. Next stick the flat screw driver into the cold side and remove that cup and spring.

Once we have the hot and cold side removed we can un-package our new cup and spring. You want the larger part of the spring facing down and the smaller part up. Next we can slide the larger part of the cup over the spring so that the spring goes inside the cup.

Once we have the cup and spring together we can slide it onto the screw driver with the cup side first. Next slide the screw driver into the hot side of the faucet. When we have it in position we can push the cup and spring off the screw driver and into the hole. Make sure the cup and spring are in the hole all the way. We can repeat that for the cold cup and spring.

Now that we have both the hot and cold cups and springs back inside the faucet we can grab the new ball. You will notice on the ball that there is a slit on the side that will have to align with the numb within the facet. You also want the flat part on the stem of the ball facing forward as that is where the handle screw tightens to.

Next we can figure out what guide to use. There is one that’s a rectangle and one that’s a triangle. This facet we are working on is the triangle one. So well grab the triangle one and slide it over the stem of the ball and push it into the facet. There is a tab on one side that will go into the notch on the faucet.

Now that we have the guide reinstalled we can grab the cover and start to thread it back on by hand. Once hand tight we can grab the tool that came with the rebuild kit and snug it down.

Next we can grab the handle and slide it onto the stem making sure that the set screw will end up on the flat part of the stem. With the handle back in position we can take the 1/8 inch allen wrench and tighten the set screw to hold the handle in place.

With the handle back on and the set screw tightened down we can now turn on the hot and cold supply valves. Once we have both valves turned back on we can run the faucet on the hot and cold setting to clean out the line and test the faucet out. Check the handle for any leaks. We have no leaks so we can now shut the faucet off and check it to see if it drips. Its not dripping so that’s it we have just showed you how to rebuild a single lever delta faucet.









great video. Bought part and disassembled my delta single handle faucet but the insides were different than yours. I am sending a picture. Any idea part I need?


Thanks. Thanks for the pictures rather then trying to describe it in words much easier to figure it out. Are you sure that it is a delta faucet? To me I’m pretty sure its a Moen going by the copper clip and that style cartridge. Delta either has the silver ball like in this video or on the newer ones use there diamond cartridge I think they call it. So you will want both supply valves off to the faucet. Can you just remove the gray piece on top or is it held in place? If you can remove it remove it as it will make the next step easier. If not its most likely held by the small copper clip. You will want to grab a small flat screwdriver or pick and put it into the slots in the front of the gray piece by the spout and then push the copper clip out and towards the pop up rod. Once you have it started you can grab it with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull it out. Then you would need a small white removal tool that comes with the new cartridge to remove the old cartridge although sometimes you can just pull the old one out with pliers. Below is a link to our Moen faucet repair video and it should start right at the point I remove the copper clip and you will see why I think its a Moen and not a delta. If not start at 1:06 and watch from there and it should give you a good idea on what you need to do to get yours apart.

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