How To Replace A Belt On A Maytag/ Whirlpool Washer

Below is a video on how to replace a belt on a Maytag/ Whirlpool washer.

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Today we will be showing you how to replace a belt on a Maytag/ Whirlpool washer.

To start we first can unplug the washer plug from the power outlet. Next we can shut off the valves that supply water to the washing machine. With the valves shut we can grab a pair of channel lock pliers and remove the hoses from the valves. You may want to use a bucket to drain the hoses into so you don’t get water on your floor.

With the washer disconnected we can walk the machine away from the wall and then lean it against the wall so we can get underneath it. A better idea would be to have someone hold it for you. That way it can’t fall on you.

Now that we have the washer up so we can get underneath it we can grab the old belt near the transmission pulley and pull downward as we spin the transmission pulley counter clockwise and walk the belt off the pulley. With the belt off the transmission pulley we can remove it from our pump pulley and the motor pulley.

With the old belt removed we can unpack age our new belt. We’ll first place the belt on the motor pulley first and then onto the pump pulley second. Once on those two pulleys we can grab the belt in the same spot as when we removed it and slide it into the groove on the transmission pulley and turn the transmission pulley counter clockwise and walk the belt back on.

Give it a few turns to ensure it’s in the groove on all the pulleys. That’s it for replacing a belt on a Maytag/ Whirlpool washer. We can set the washer back onto its legs and push it back into position. Then we can reconnect the supply lines and then use the pliers to snug them just a bit. After the hoses are tight we can turn the valves back on. Once we have the valves back on we can plug the washer plug back into the power outlet.




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