How To Reset The Maintenance Required Light On A Toyota Highlander

Below is a video on how to reset the maintenance required light on a Toyota highlander.

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Today we will be showing you how to reset the maintenance required light on a 2011-13 Toyota Highlander.

To start sit inside the vehicle with the door closed and the engine off.

Next press the start engine button twice without your foot on the brake. When you have pressed it the second time the dash light will illuminate. While the dash is illuminated press the trip odometer and cycle though until you get to trip A. Once you have it on trip A press the start engine button again to shut the display off.

Wait a few seconds then depress and hold the trip button down while you then press the start engine button twice with your foot off the break so the car won’t start and that should start the reset procedure.

You will see the status bar on the display screen. When it says complete you can press the engine start button to shut the dash display off.

That’s it we have just showed you how to reset the maintenance required light on a 2011-13 Toyota Highlander.





OMG…this post came at the perfect time. I am also planning to buy this Toyota model. Some great information you have shared here. I am glad that I now all this in advance. Thank you so much for sharing such helpful post.

Compared to some other videos on youtube, this is much better, in terms of explaining / demonstrating step by step.

Some friends just called (they are in their 70-80’s) asking about how to perform this task so you are a real blessing with a clear, concise and easy step by step procedure. Thanks x 2;)

Thank you!!!!! I have 120,000 miles on my Highlander and this is the first description that has allowed me to successfully reset it! I got so annoyed looking at the oil maintenance message after 5,000 miles when I was following Toyota guidelines and using synthetic oil and changing it every 10k. Never again will I have look at that message!!!

My 2011 Toyota Highlander doesn’t have a push button or on screen anything. How do you reset one without bells n whistles.

It would be the exact same. Turn the key to “ON” without starting put the ODO on Trip A. Turn key off. Then hit and hold the trip button down and turn the key to “ON” don’t start. After holding it down for a bit you should see the Mant. light flash a few times keep holding till you get 000000 displayed where the trip or mileage would be displayed and it should be reset and the light should go out.

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