How To Release A Skunk From A Live Trap

Below is a video on how to release a skunk from a live trap.

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Today we will be showing you how to release a skunk from a live trap / havahart trap. We had something bothering our chickens at night so we set a havahart trap close to the coop. We used 2 eggs as bait.

The next morning we caught a skunk. So to start you will need a blanket or a tarp. I pefer a blanket as it makes less noise. But today I will be using a trap.

So what we need to do is hold the trap up so we can just see over and make sure the other end of the trap covers our feet. Once we are holding the trap correctly we can slowly and quietly approach the havahart trap take you time an be careful not to trip on the trap or blanket.

Once we reach the havaheart trap we can place the blanket or tarp over the cage. If you by yourself you can grab the handle on the cage and carry it to your car or trunk. It’s much easier with two people to move the cage. If you have two people you can set the cage on a piece of plywood or you can cut the havaheart box in half and set it in that and then carry it to your car or truck.

If you are placing the trap inside your car it’s a good idea to put another tarp or some cardboard down where you plan to put the cage to ensure you don’t get the skunk smell in your upholstery. So once you have the skunk in your car or truck. You will want to keep the noise down and make sure the tarp doesn’t come off while driving to your release spot. You will need to check where you can legally release the animal.

Once you have reached your release spot we can carry the havahart trap to the edge of the woods. Next pull back the trap just enough to open the trap door. Some trap doors don’t stay open on their own like this one. I used a strap / tie down and hooked one end to the door and the other end to the other side of the trap to hold the door open. Then slowly pull the blanket or tarp back off so that a little less then half the trap is still covered. Once we have the blanket or tarp pulled back stand back and give them time to walk out of the cage on your own. After five or so minutes the skunk decided to come out and go into the woods.

With the skunk released into the woods that’s it we have just showed you how to release a skunk from a havahart live trap.


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