How To Replace The PVC Valve On A Nissan Sentra

Below is a video on how to replace the PCV valve on your Nissan Sentra

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Today we will be showing you how to replace the positive crankcase ventilation valve also know as a PCV valve for short. What the PCV valve does is siphon the blow by vapors that end up in an engine’s crankcase that contain moisture, combustion byproducts and unburned fuel vapors from the crankcase and routes them into the intake manifold so they can be reburned in the engine because the crankcase is sealed to prevent the gases escaping into the atmosphere, but the vapors must be removed to prevent oil contamination that leads to sludge formation.

To start we will first need to remove the plastic engine cover. You will need a 3/8 ratchet, 6” extension and a 10mm socket to remove the two 10mm bolts. Once we have the two bolts removed we can lift the side closer to the front of the car to release the two front clips.

Once we have the cover removed and set aside if you look right next to the intake manifold and the oil fill you will see the PCV valve. Next you will need a pair of hose clamp pliers or a pair of needle nose pliers to slide up the hose clamp up or open so we can remove the hose off the PCV valve. Once you have the pipe removed off the PCV valve you will want to slide it out of the holder on the intake manifold so we can swing it out of the way.

Next well grab a 15/16 socket and the same ratchet and extension my socket is 1/2″ so I will have to use a 3/8 to 1/2 adapter. Well use it to remove the old PCV valve. Keep in mind that it is plastic. Next well open the new one and start to thread it in by hand to ensure we don’t cross thread it. Once we have it as tight as we can go by hand we can take the ratchet and snug it down to seal the o-ring.

Once we have the new PCV valve tightened down we can reconnect the hose. First slide it into the holder on the intake manifold and then slide the end of the hose onto the PCV valve. Once we have the hose back onto the PCV valve we can grab our hose clamp pliers and slide the hose clamp down so it will hold the hose onto the new PCV valve.

With the hose clamp back in position we can reinstall the plastic engine cover. Start by sliding it behind the a/c hose and aligning the front clips and push the cover down to clip them in. With the front two clips pushed back in we can align the two bolt holes and start the bolts by hand. Next take the ratchet, extension and 10mm socket and snug them down.

With the engine cover reinstalled and tightened that’s it you have just replace the PCV valve on your Nissan Sentra.








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