How To Install A Replacement Towel Bar

Below is a video on how to install a replacement towel bar.

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Today we will be showing you how to install a replacement towel bar. This process is for replacing a towel bar where the ceramic or porcelain posts or holders cannot be removed from the wall.

To start if your bar is still in place you can use a hacksaw to cut the bar to remove it. Next you will need to take a tape measure and measure between your posts from inside to inside. Once you have that measurement you will need to order the Next size up replacement bar.

If its 12”or less you will order a 12”bar.  If it is over 12” but fewer than 24” you will need a 24”bar. If it is over 24” but less than 36” you will need to order a 36”bar.

This one measures 16 ½” so we will use the 24”replacement bar. They do make them in white like we are using and they also make them in clear. You will notice that the ends have a spring in them. You will want to remove one spring end. Next place the side with the spring still in it into one of the holders then compress the spring and take a pencil and make a mark just on the bar just inside of the opposite holder.

Now that we have a mark where we need to cut it we can take a hacksaw and cut it. Once it is cut to our desired length we will reinstall the spring end. With both spring ends installed we can now install the new bar. Place one end into one of the ceramic post and push the bar that way to compress the spring. Next take your finger and depress the spring on the opposite side and then slide it into the opposite ceramic post letting the spring out.

With the bar now in both ceramic posts move the bar back and forth within the posts to let the bar center itself. You will need to do this so that way it is not relying on the spring ends to hold the weight of whatever you place on the bar. With the bar centered that’s it you have just installed a replacement towel bar for a towel bar that uses ceramic posts or holders.









Where do you buy the plastic insert bar for the porcelain towel bars? This was so helpful, thank you.

Thank you; this will be much easier than replacing the mounts!
We have a towel bar/mount that are triangular (looks ancient). I’m assuming that the product you’re showing wouldn’t fit and I can’t find anything triangular. Do you have any suggestions or know of any appropriate product? (Without replacing the whole thing/mounts) Thank you!!!

Hello, Not sure if you have found anything yet or already have replaced the mounts but if you haven’t you could upload a picture of the mounts so I can see exactly what your talking about and try to give you the appropriate product or best way to move forward.

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