How To Install A Ceramic Soap Dish

Below is a video on how to install a ceramic soap dish.

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Today we will be showing you how to install or reattach a ceramic soap dish in your tile shower or tub. First you will need to determine the size of your soap dish. There are a few sizes most common is the 4″X6″ and there is a 6″X6″. Next you can dry fit it to ensure it fits with a little wiggle room.

Next you will want to take some cleaner and a puddy knife and clean around the soap dish opening. If you are installing the soap dish next to a stud you may use a drill and screw in some exterior screws to give the plaster something more to hold onto.

Next take the plaster of paris, small bowl and a puddy knife and mix in water until you reach a tooth paste consistency. You should be able to flip the putty knife over and the plaster should stay on. Once the plaster is mixed you will have a limited time to use it. Next apply the plaster to the back of the soap dish. Be sure to mix up enough to cover the back and get some inside the holes on the back of the soap dish.

Now that we have the plaster on the soap dish we can now push the soap dish into the wall while wiggling it until it touches the tiles evenly. With the soap dish up against the tile you can take your finger and smooth/ remove the extra plaster from around the soap dish.

With the extra plaster removed we can take paper towels or a rag and wipe the tile around the soap dish dry. Next we will take painter’s tape and use it to hold the soap dish in position. Let it dry for 24 hours after that we can use our caulk gun and caulk to caulk around the soap dish to ensure that it is water tight.

With the soap dish caulked that’s it you have just installed or reattach a ceramic soap dish in your tile shower or tub.



I have a question for you:

Our soap dish is loose but hasn’t completely fallen off yet. Is it possible to simply recaulk around the broken seams, or would it be better to specifically clean and reattach the dish fresh?

It depends on how loose it is. If its not real loose you can clean the area very well and caulk all the way around the soap dish. Also make sure the tiles are not loose around the soap dish as the caulk will be grabbing onto those to hold the soap dish.

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