How To Install Cabinet Door Handles / Knobs Or Pulls

Below is a video on how to install cabinet door handles / knobs or pulls.

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Today we will be showing you how to install cabinet door handles / knobs or pulls. We will be showing the installation on kitchen cabinet you can also install them on your bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet. There is a wide variety of cabinet handles / knobs with different styles and colors.

We will start with a draw. First thing we need to do is grab a tape measure and measure the draw face end to end. This one happens to be 19” so we will need to divide that in half to give us 9 ½ and that will be the center of the draw. With a pencil we can make a small mark at the center of the draw. They make these nice draw template which make it quick and easy to mark out the location to drill to install the handle or knob. So we will take the draw template and hang it on the draw face. We are doing a single knob or pull. So we will use the hole in the middle and we will mark with a pencil the fourth hole down which will center the knob top to bottom in the draw face. If you are using a handle style pull you will use the holes towards the outer edge of the template depending on the width of your handle. With the location for the knob marked we can now remove the template. With the template removed we can now put an 11/64 drill bit into the drill and drill on the mark to make a hole for the screw to go though. Once you have drilled the draw face you might want to counter sink the inside of the draw so the screw will sit inside the draw face so nothing will get caught on it. Since the draw face it attached to the draw box it makes the draw face thicker then the cabinet door so you will need longer screws. They are 8-32 x 1-5/8” long. So we will slide the screw though the draw face and the install the knob. Once the knob is on we can now tighten it up with a drill or screw driver.

Next we can move onto the lower cabinet door. They make another style template for the cabinet door. So we will take that template and put it on the edge of the door of the sides that opens. We are still going with a knob style so we are using the second hole in from the right. This template also has the holes if you wanted to use a handle style knob or pull. So will the location marked out we will take the 11/64 drill bit and drill the hole for the screw. Once you have drilled the cabinet door we can install the knob. You can use the screws that came with the knobs or pulls as the cabinet doors are not as thick as the draws.

As for the upper cabinet doors we can use the same template as the lower cabinet door you will just need to flip it end for end and use the same mark or hole as you did on the lower cabinet door. Once marked use the 11/64 drill bit and drill and drill the hole for the screw. Once it is drilled we can slide the screw though and install the knob or handle just as you would on the lower cabinet door. Installing new handles or knobs is a quick an inexpensive way to give your older cabinets or kitchen a newer look. It will also make it easier for someone who has arthritis to open the cabinet doors.


That’s it you have just installed cabinet handles / knobs or pulls on your kitchen cabinets.


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I want to thank you for this video. It was extremely instructional. I normally pay someone to do any work around the house but after watching I said…hmmmm this looks like something I can do myself. So guess what? I did and feel extremely proud. Thank you once again.

Mary Reed
Ft Washington, MD

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