How To Install A Do It Yourself Front Lip On Your Car

Below is a video on how to install a do it yourself front lip on your car.

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Today we will be showing you how to install a do it yourself front lip on your car. This lip uses garage door weather stripping. It looks like an aftermarket urethane or fiberglass lip but doesn’t come with the expensive cost. Another nice thing with the DIY or garage door weather stripping lip is if it gets damaged you can easily replace it.

You will need the weather stripping, screws, flat washers, drill, slide and a 5/16 socket for the drill. If you not into screwing it into your bumper you could also use some 3M double sided tape. It will make it easier to put the car up on car ramps. First put the 5/16 socket into the drill and place a 5/16 screw into the socket. Next we can place a washer onto the screw so it is ready to go. Next unroll the weather stripping the side with no return on it will be the side that will be mounted to the car.

Next hold the weather stripping to the bumper so that the bend in the weather stripping and the roll of the front bumper line up and screw though it with the 5/16 screw to secure it to the bumper. You can leave extra to start with and then trim it after. Once you have the first screw in you can keep holding it in place and screwing it in every two inches or so until you have it installed along the whole edge of the bumper.  If you have a saggy or wavy spot you can add a screw.

Once you have the strip fully installed you can take a razor blade or utility knife and trim the extra off by the wheel well. It’s up to you how you would like to trim it. Some people cut it at an angel either going towards the tire or away. I think following the wheel well arch looks the best.


That’s it we have just showed you how to install the DIY or garage door weather stripping front lip onto your car.


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