How To Replace Your GE Whole House Water Filter Cartridge.

Below is a video on how to replace your GE whole house water filter cartridge.

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Today we will be showing you how to your GE whole house water filter cartridge. There are two different types of filter housings. The First kind like this one has a lever where you can put it on Off, Filter or Bypass. They other style doesn’t have the lever.  So if you have model # GXWH20S with the bypass handle all you need to do it turn it onto bypass. If you have model # GXWH04F without the bypass lever. It will be a good idea to fill a bucket with water that way while the water is shut off you can still rinse out the filter housing. You will need to shut off the valve before the water filter and after it. With it on bypass or the valves shut off we can now remove the filter housing. To do this use your filter wrench and turn it clockwise to loosen the filter. If you don’t have a filter wrench they do sell replacement ones or you could also use a large pair of channellock pliers. It’s a good idea to put a towel or a rag under the filter to catch any split water. Next we can grab a small bucket and place in under the filter housing and then we can finish removing it.

With the filter housing removed we can now remove the old filter and discard it and since we have the bypass we can go up and use a facet to rinse out the filter housing or you can use the water you put into the bucket earlier. With the filter housing rinsed out you will notice an o-ring at the top you will want to take rag or paper towel and make sure it is clean and free of any dirt. They do sell new o-ring if yours is damaged. Once it is free of dirt you can install the new by just dropping it in. Make sure that it drops in all the way and is in the center on the pin. With the new filter in the filter housing we can now reinstall the filter housing. To do this slide it into position and turn it counter clockwise and hand tight should be enough. It is a good idea to keep the filter wrench close to the filter housing so you know where it is when you need to replace the filter. This home owner keeps it right on the valve above. Once you have the filter housing on and tight we can turn the bypass lever back to filter. If you don’t have the bypass lever you will turn on the valve that supplies water to the water filter let it fill up and then turn on the valve that supplies water to the house.

If you follow the cold water feed line you can figure out what the first facet/ fixture is that it supplies. In this house it is the kitchen faucet so we will turn the cold water on and flush all the air out of the line. Once you have flush all the air out of the line you will want to check the filter housing for any leaks. Another cool feature with these GE water filters I forgot to mention is that they come with a indicated light with a magnet attached so you can put in on your refrigerator or someone where you will see it and it will remind you when to change your water filter. It’s a nice feature to have if you don’t go into your basement a lot. So with all the air flushed out of the lines and we double checked to make sure there are no leaks. That’s it you have just replaced your GE whole house water filter cartridge.






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