How To Repair A Subaru With The Mysterious P1507 Code…

Below is a video on how to repair a Subaru with the mysterious P1507 code.

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Today we will be showing you how to repair a Subaru with the mysterious P1507 code. So using our actron ob2 scanner the Code comes up as a P1507 – manuf. control vehicle speed, idle speed control aux input. This code will cause a check engine light and cause the car to do one of the following or all. Rough idle, No rev, Lack of power, Stalling at a stops, Low idle. The owner of this car took it to a bunch of local garages and they already replaced all the spark plugs, coil pack, Cleaned the crank and cam sensors using carburetor cleaner .  Replace the air idle control after each they reset the computer turning off the check engine light and after 25 miles or so the light would turn on and the car would start acting up. So he finally brought it to us. So we had this problem on another Subaru so we already knew what the problem was especially because he said he replaced all of those things. So we know that the Neutral Safety Switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

First you need open the hood and prop it up with the prop rod. Next time you will need to remove the air box off the intake. You will need a 10mm socket and a ratchet and a flat screw driver. Remove the two 10mm bolts and then use the flat screw driver to loosen the hose clamp that holds the air box to the intake manifold. With the air box removed you will see a brown connector and a grey connector. The brown connector is for the Neutral Safety Switch and the grey connector is for the reverse lights. So we need to undo the brown connector by pressing down on the tab. Next remove the wire from the clip that holds it to the transmission. You can use a lift if you have access to one if not you can use a set of car ramps and a creeper. When you get under the car and look at the transmission you will see to switches. The switch closer to the rear of the transmission and also in line with the shift linkage is the neutral safety switch the one closer to the front of the car is the switch for the reverse lights. So pull the wire down from up top and grab a wrench and remove the old switch.

Once you got the old switch removed we can do the process in reverse. So start by screwing the new neutral safety switch in. Then push the wires back up to the top of the transmission. Once the wires are pushed back up and installed in the clips. We can go back up on top and reconnect the brown connectors back together. Next we can reinstall the air box and tighten the two 10mm bolts and the hose clamp. Use the actron ob2 scanner to reset the computer to clear the check engine light. That’s it you have just replaced the Neutral Safety Switch on your Subaru to remove your check engine light for a P1507 code.






Adjust or replace the neutral safety switch. This code will only be on Subaru’s with a manual transmission as the neutral safety switch is used to tell the car if your in gear or in neutral.

My car has de p1507 code. No check engine light. Gas mileace right now is weird. I have already changed the parts in the picture and the idle sensor. Ill try the last one you guys explained. Where can I get it?

Here are a few things to try that won’t cost you anything. Spray/ clean the throttle plate on the inside, Check the plug end on the IAC valve for corrosion and that it is in tight, Other things that can cause an issue would be: intake leak, (Check the entire intake system for leaks) Throttle cable could be to too tight not allowing the throttle plate close.(check the throttle cable and the cruise cable) If your car is a standard shift it could the neutral safety switch like on this car in the video. If its a 4eat [auto] the inhibitor switch being out of adjustment, dirty or defective could cause it also. If your asking where you can pick up a new neutral safety switch we have a link to one in the first paragraph on our website. You should also be able to get one from your local parts store. Hope this helps and thanks for watching.

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