How To Fix A GE Side By Side Refrigerator / Refer That Doesn’t Dispense Water Or Has A Frozen Water line.

Below is a video on how to fix a General Electric side by side refrigerator that doesn’t dispense water.

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Today we will be showing you how to fix a General Electric side by side refrigerator that doesn’t dispense water. We will first start by doing a little bit of trouble shooting. First let us start by making sure that the water valve supplying the refrigerator is on. Next roll the refrigerator out or away from the wall and let’s check the supply line itself to make sure it’s not pinched or doesn’t have any kinks in it. Next you will want to check or replace the water filter water filter in the fridge as if you haven’t changed it in a while it could have become clogged and restrict the flow of the water.

Once we have ruled out those causes the water line is more than likely frozen somewhere. Next we can open the fridge door all the way. Next we can remove the top vegetable or meat bin. To do this pull open the draw/ bin. Once it’s fully open lift up on it slightly and remove it the rest of the way. Behind the draw/ bin is where the water line is coiled up. Next you can inspect the coil to see if it is frozen somewhere within the coil. We weren’t sure if it was frozen in the coil somewhere so we took a heat gun and warmed up the coils just to be sure. You don’t want to get to close or use too much heat. Use just enough to warm them up. We tested the water again and it still didn’t work.

Next we are going to de-ice the line that is in the freezer door. This is the most common place for the water line to freeze. The water line comes from under the fridge to the lower door hinge and then along the bottom of the door then up the outer edge that faces the fridge door. So we will take our heat gun and run it along the bottom of the freezer door and then up that outer edge. The most common spot that it freezes or where we seem to get the ice to release is at or under the freezers door handle. You can actually hear the ice give way. Once we have heard it give way you can grab a cup make sure it is set on water and test it. With the water line deiced we can now push the refrigerator back into position. When pushing it back in be sure you don’t pinch the water supply line or the electrical cord.

Once you have the refrigerator back in position. That’s it you have successfully restored the water function to the door by de-iced or thawing out the water line in your general electric side by side refrigerator.






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