How To Remove A 05-09 Subaru Legacy/ Forester /Outback Radio And Install a IEC AULOC Or An Adjustable Line Output Converter

Below is a video on how to remove a 05-09 Subaru Legacy/ Forester/ Outback Radio and install an IEC AULOC or a adjustable line output converter.

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Here we will be removing a stock/ factory 05 Subaru Legacy radio/ head unit. This will also work for an 05-09 Subaru legacy, Forester or Outback. I am removing the radio to install a IEC AULOC  also know as an adjustable line output converter. This device takes the positive and negative from both rear speakers left and right and converters into RCA’s. This will allow you to run RCA’s to an amplifier using your factory radio/ head unit. It’s a great device for cars like this that the radio is built into the dash and you can’t easily install an aftermarket radio/ head unit. You can install an aftermarket one by changing the radio bezel and also using an antenna adapter and a radio harness that way you don’t have to cut your factory harness. The tools you need are a Phillips, flat screw driver or panel tool.

First turn and loosen the shift knob and remove it on a manual car. For an automatic car you will need to remove the small ring just under the shifter knob by pulling down on it and then remove the C-clip that holds the shift knob on. With the C-clip removed you can now remove the shift knob and then the small ring. Now with the shifter knob removed you can take your flat screw driver or panel tool and use it to remove the shifter bezel. Next lift the shifter bezel and tip it to one side and then squeeze and disconnect the white clip that powers the cigarette lighter.

Next take you Phillips screw driver and remove the two screws next to the shifter that hold the left and right side trim in place. With those two screws removed we can now remove the left and right side trim. You do this by lifting the part close to the shifter and moving it towards the outside of the car of the side your on and then pull straight towards the rear of the car. Repeat for the other side.

With those left and right side trim removed we can next remove the eight screws that hold the radio and heater controls. There are four on the left and four on the right one on each side are farther back as you will see in the video.

Once you have those eight screws removed you can slide the radio/ head unit out sliding the passenger/ right side out as far as you can. Next squeeze and disconnect the white hazard button connection. Next remove the two lower black phillips screws out of the heater controls on the right side and then the other two black screws on the left. Next bent the black clips off the heater control on both the left and right and push the heater control out of the radio bracket.

Next we can disconnect the white and black plugs and ground wire off the radio. Once those are disconnected we can swing the radio onto the driver’s side floor board leaving the antenna wire attached.  Next remove the electrical tape from the radio harness so you can separate the wires to locate the ones you need.  You will need the left rear speaker positive + White wire with the Red tracer color. Left rear speaker negative – Red wire with the black tracer.  Next you will need the right rear speaker positive + Blue wire with the yellow tracer. Right rear speaker negative – Red wire with the white tracer. Normally you will find the positive and negative speaker wires already taped together from the factory. Full diagram will be at the bottom of the page. Once you have spliced in the four speakers wires using the T-Taps. We can now locate and splice into what car manufacturers call the power antenna wire. This will be the yellow wire with the black tracer. We will use this wire to hook to our remote wire on the amp to power the sub. That will turn the amp on and off with the radio to insure the amp shuts off when the car is parked so it will not draw down and kill the car battery.

Alright with the remote wire spliced you can now run your Fused Power wire, remote wire and RCA’s to the rear of the car where you are installing the amp. You can also buy an amp install kit. I have already have installed those so next you can now reconnect the radio and test it to ensure its working properly. Now that we insured that it is working and adjusted to your desired level we can now reassembly everything by just doing things in reverse.

That’s it you have just removed your factory radio/ head unit and installed a adjustable line output converter into your 2005 Subaru Legacy.

2005 Subaru Legacy Car Stereo Radio Wiring Diagram

Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Blue/Red
Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire: Yellow/Red
Radio Ground Wire: Black
Radio Illumination Dimmer Wire: Purple
Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: Yellow/Black
Radio Amplifier Trigger Wire: N/A
Front Speakers Size: N/A
Front Speakers Location: N/A
Left Front speaker (+): Brown/White
Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Green
Right Front Speaker Wire (+): Red/Yellow
Right Front Speaker Wire (-): White/Black
Rear Speakers Size: N/A
Rear Speakers Location: N/A
Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): White/Red
Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Red/Black
Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Blue/Yellow
Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Red/White


Right Side Speaker
Gray Wire (+) Positive
Gray Wire With Black Tracer (-) negative
Left Side Speaker
White Wire (+) Positive
White Wire With Black Tracer (-) negative
If for some reason the radio has one (-) negative combine all (-) negatives together. The brown wires are not usually used. The brown ground wires are to be used only if no sound is audible attach the brown wires to the source unit’s ground that will ground both channels and should produce sound.





Hi there. I followed how you connected tge wires. Why is it amp turns off when in cd aux. Only works in fm. Thanks.

Hello, Its because its hook to the power antenna wire. So when it is on radio (ie Fm or AM the power antenna wire has power to keep the antenna up. When its switch to CD it stops power. So you will want to move the remote wire to a “ignition switched wire” a wire that has power only when the ignition switch is on.

I see. So by doing this, are you referring to the “Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire (Yellow/Red)? If I transfer the amplifier remote wire to this Yellow/Red wire, the amplifier turns on only when ignition switch is on and amplifier will remain on even if the radio/stock head unit is off. Am I right? thanks for the great help! 🙂

Hi there i was wondering if you could help me get the wiring diagram for a 2010 subaru legacy. Thanks

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