How To Winterize Your Weed Wacker Or Other two Cycle Gas Engines

Below is a video on a way to winterize your weed wacker or other 2 cycle gas engines.

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Today we will be showing you a way to winterize your weed wacker or any other small 2 cycle engine.

I use this product called Small Engine Fuel or S.E.F. It’s made by VP and it’s a 94 octane. This product contains NO ethanol and that is why it is good to use as a storage fuel. You can use S.E.F in any 2 cycle engine that you have. Gas from your local gas station has ethanol and ethanol is what breaks down and clogs the jets and gums up the bowl of your carburetor. There are two ways to use S.E.F. One way is to use it as your regular fuel as it already comes mixed with oil at 50:1. You would use it this way if it’s something you use off and on like maybe a chain saw. The second way is to only use it when you store something for a length of time. That is the method we will use for this weed wacker as it is something we use every other week during the summer. There are two ways you can use it as the storage fuel. One way is to fill the gas tank before you’re done using it. Do that last job with it and that way when you are done using it the S.E.F has made it into the carburetor. The second way is run the gas low or out then add half a tank of the S.E.F and take it outside and let it run for a while so that the S.E.F can make its way into the carburetor.

Once I have ran into long enough to ensure the S.E.F has made its way into the carburetor. I will bring it back in and I will check or replace the spark plug. I also will replace/ redo the trim line. It’s a good habit to get into doing your maintenance before you store an item that way the next time you go to use its ready to go.

So with S.E.FS.E.F worked into the carburetor and the spark plug and the trim line checked or replaced that is it your weed wacker or 2 cycle engine is winterized or ready for a lengthy storage.






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