How To Winterize Your KLX 110 Race Bike By Changing The Oil And Treating The Gas

Below is a video on how to winterize your KLX 110 race bike by changing the oil and treating the gas.

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Here we have a 2005 KLX 110 race bike. The racing season is over and winter is here so we are going to get the bike ready for winter storage. We will do this by changing the oil and oil filter, treating the gas, cleaning the air filter and checking / replacing the spark plug.
To start we will change the oil. First we need to remove the skid plate. We do that by removing two bolts on each side from the motor. Next remove the two blots that hold the bottom part of the skid plate in place as the go though the foot pegs though the skid plate and into the case of the motor. With the skid plate removed we can start the bike and let the bike warm up as its better to change the oil when its warm as it helps to get other foreign particals out of the motor. Next we can put our drain pan under the drain plug. It might be a good idea to put on heavy duty rubber gloves. Next we can loosen the drain plug and let the oil drain into the oil drain pan. When the oil is done drain we can slide the pan forward to make sure it’s under the oil filter. Next remove the two bolts that hold the oil cover in place. Remove the cover and the old oil filter. Before you discard the old oil filter compare it to the new one to ensure you have the correct oil filter. Next take a clean rag and wipe clean down where the oil filter cover seals to. Next inspect the new oil filter for any damage or defects. Next install the new oil filter you want the o-ring side towards the motor and onto the nipple. Next install your new o-ring and then reinstall the oil filter cover and then the drain plug. You will need 1.1 quarts since we replaced the oil filter if you didn’t replace the filter 1 quart. You can use whatever oil you want weather it is non-synthetic, 50/50 blend or a full synthetic oil. I use castrol super bike it is a full synthetic 10w-40. Whatever oil you do choose try and stay with the same name brand and same type non-synthetic, 50/50 blend or a full synthetic for the life of the engine. Next fill the bike with oil make sure the bike is straight up and down and fill it so the oil just touches the top notch of the sight glass window. Once you have it filled with oil reinstall the oil fill cover. Next start the bike let it run for a little bit and check for leaks. Next recheck the oil level add if you have to. If the level is good you can reinstall the skid plate. I would recommend using some blue loctite on the skid plate bolts espesically the foot peg ones as they are known to loosen up.
Next we can move onto treating the fuel. Some people use STA-BIL I have found sta-bil not to work on the new ethanol fuel. I have found that star tron enzyme fuel treatment works much better on the newer ethanol fuel. I get the fuel level in the bike as low as I can. Then I add the recommended amount to the gas tank then ride it up and down the driveway to let it mix into the gas and make its way into the carburetor.
Next I check or replace the spark plug and clean the air filter. It’s a good habit to get into by doing your maintenance before you store your bike because on that first warm day your going to want to just go riding. So this will stop hard starts or having to fix something before you go.
With the oil changed, gas treated, spark plug replaced and the air filter cleaned your done your KLX110 is now winterized and ready for winter storage.




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