Updating Or Replacing A Household Light Fixture

Below is a video of a household lighting fixture being replaced.

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This is a way to replace a damaged or unsafe lightning fixture. It is also a way to give your house a new look by updating you’re out dated lighting fixtures.

First go to your service/ electrical panel and locate the breaker for that light and turn it off. Turn the light switch on then then back off to see if you have the right circuit breaker off.

With the breaker/ power turned off you can now remove the light shade. After the shade is removed you can remove the bulbs.

Once you have removed the bulbs you can now remove the two screws that hold the light to the ceiling.

With those two screws removed you can slowly lower the light off the ceiling. Be sure to support the full weight of a heavy fixture during this step and the next. It might be a good idea to have someone help you. Once it is lowered down you can now test the two insulated wires going to the light with a Electrical Tester by test one insulated wire to ground or the metal box then do the same to the other insulated wire to confirm that the power is off before proceeding.

Next remove the wire nuts connecting the fixture to the power supply. When it is removed you can discard the old light fixture.

Fixtures that weigh over 50lbs. should be supported independently of the actual electrical box. If you have access from above you can install a 2×4 between the joists on top of the box and then screw though the box into the 2×4 from securing the box to the 2×4 to strengthen it. If you can’t access the top of the box you can buy a fan mounting box and install it to their manufacturer’s instructions.

Next open your new lighting fixture and locate the new mounting bracket. Next install your new mounting bracket to the electrical box. The shorter screws hold the bracket to the box and the longer ones will hold the light to the ceiling.

With your new bracket installed you now can wire your new lighting fixture. Be sure to use the same two wires your original light used. Neutral to Neutral and then hot to hot. Be sure properly ground the new fixture to the box, bracket and or ground wire. Use electrician’s pliers to twist the wires from the light with the house wires to ensure a good connection. Once they are twisted together secure them with the proper sized wire nuts. If your wire nut doesn’t cover up the bare part of the two insulated wires remove the wire nut and trim them back a bit and reinstall the wire nuts.

With the wiring done you will want to tuck the wiring back up into the box so they are safe and can’t cause a short by getting pinched. With the wiring pushed up into the box you can now mount the light on to the box by sliding it onto those longer screws and twisting it a little bit and then tighten the screws that hold the light to the ceiling.

With the new fixture mounted to the ceiling you can install the bulbs. After that you can restore power to the light by turning on the breaker. After turning on the power let’s turn on the light switch to see if it is working properly. If it doesn’t pull the fixture back down and double check the wiring. If the light works let’s move onto installing the light shade. With the light shade on you can turn on the light to see the finished product.

That’s it you have just updated or replaced your damaged lighting fixture.




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