Replacing The Automatic Voltage Regulator On Your Generator

Below is a video on how to replace an automatic voltage regulator on a generac exl8000 generator.

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Here we have an EXL8000 generac generator. The owner went to hook it up after losing power during hurricane sandy and discovered that it runs fine but it has no power output. So we already tested in another video and found out that the automatic voltage regulator also known as the AVR is bad and needs replacing.

Next grab a 1/4 inch rachet, small extension and a 7mm socket with that remove the four 7mm bolts that hold the cover in place. Next wiggle the gourmet out of the cover so you can completely remove the cover out of the way.

At the top you will see your automatic voltage regulator also know as an A.V.R. That is what we will be replacing. You also might see a black tube looking thing that is an inline booster the older generators will have it the newer ones don’t as they discontinued using it.

It might be a good idea to take some pictures with your cell phone or a camera before disconnecting wires so in case you don’t remember where they go you have something to use as a reference. Next remove the inline booster if your generator is equipped with it. After that the two leads from the left side of the A.V.R next let’s remove the other 2 leads off the right side.

Next slide the A.V.R out of the track it sits in. Then we will remove the positive (red) and negative (black) leads off the bush set coming from the AVR. Keep in mind that the one closer to the bearing is the positive (red). Next open the new A.V.R. After that install the positive (red) and negative (black) leads back on to the bush set. Keep in mind that the one closer to the bearing is the positive (red).

Next hook up the new A.V.R part # 205858GS to the brush leads. With the brush leads hooked up you can slide the A.V.R back into the track that it sits in. Once you have it reinstalled back into the track you can now hook up the 2 leads on the right. Next reinstall the 2 left side leads directly up to the new A.V.R. Alright with the new A.V.R fully installed I would recommend pushes the generator outside. With the generator outside start it and let the engine speed stabilize. Grab a small item to load test the generator. If it powers that object you can go ahead and reinstall that black cover with those four 7mm bolts.

If it doesn’t power that item you probably have lost the residual magnetism. To restore it you can watch my other video on how I tested the automatic voltage regulator as that is also known as flashing the field and that will restore the magnetism. You can also restore the magnetism by taking a corded drill and as the generator is running plugging it in to the 110v outlet. Then hold the trigger down and take your other hand and manually turn the shaft of the drill be careful as the drill will start to turn itself after a few turns.

Once you have confirmed that the generator is putting out power you can reinstall that black cover with those four 7mm bolts.
That’s it you have just replaced the automatic voltage regulator on your EXL8000 gernerac generator.




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